Tuesday 24th september

Group One, week two.

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Week One, Group One

Tuesday 17th September

Tuesday 17th September

Group One, session one.

Both KS1 and KS2 meet up for our first sessions. These went very well as we all got to know each other better across the year groups. We were all given a photograph of ourselves, we cut around our faces taking off our ears and hair. These were then stuck onto large paper and we were challenged to turn ourselves into someone else with different hair and body. This was super fun and everyone is looking forward to the next session, next week.

Art Club

Group One

Art Club, Autumn One, Group One.

KS1 Club…

Year One: Sophia, Erin, Michael and Riley.

Year Two: Christian, Georgia, Franek and Tabby.

KS2 Club…

Year Three: Kai, Abi and Lena.

Year Four: Faye, Mark and Lily A.

Year Five: Tess, Lila and Ethan.

Year Six: Troy, Mollie and Evie C.