Curriculum, at the Heart of Learning

At Our Lady Star of the Sea we place the curriculum at the heart of Learning. Learning is at the centre of everything we do - it involves, and is participated in, by everyone in our whole community. 

We see education as a way of becoming more human as we grow to love ourselves, love each other and love Jesus Christ. We understand that Jesus challenges us to ’be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect’, by the strength of our faith, hope, love and compassion. Therefore, we aspire to see ourselves and each other as ‘precious in His eyes.’

Our curriculum is steeped in opportunities for children to become Learned and Wise. It engages, provokes and inspires through outstanding teaching which guides, supports and challenges children to become the best version of themselves. Human excellence is aspired to in developing: ‘the qualities of mind and heart that will enable children to work with others for the good of all in the service of the Kingdom of God’.  We are guided by our 16 virtues which challenge us to be better disciples of Christ.

In providing a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, children are supported and challenged to develop spiritually, socially, emotionally, culturally, physically and academically. The curriculum is designed take children on a deep journey, where they are actively engaged in every learning opportunity and growing to be curious about God’s world, awakening the imagination and opening their eyes to new possibilities based in truth. All aspects of the child are nurtured to create independent learners who are resilient; we use our eight learning powers to develop excellence in learning.

Our curriculum builds on previous experience, extending and deepening it by what is taught and learned, leading to a sustained mastery for all and varied opportunities for children to develop a greater depth of understanding.

Out of this learning comes action - doing something here and now which, little by little, transforms the world. To be able to use our knowledge and understanding in this way we understand the importance of becoming wise. Having self-knowledge of our weaknesses, prejudices and misconceptions as well as our strengths, talents and loves. Therefore, through our curriculum we guide our children to became assessment literate and self literate, developing the key skills of evaluation and reflection. 

Our Curriculum is coherently planned; underpinned by our aims and sets out:

  • A clear list of the breadth of topics covered in each subject area;

  • The key concepts pupils should understand and master;

  • Criteria for progression within the key concepts.

Our daily practice of our learning and teaching policy demonstrates our commitment to giving all children the opportunity to master important key concepts and to achieve what they are capable of achieving.