Looking after our Beautiful Planet!

“May the struggles and concern for the planet never take away the joy of our hope.”
Pope Francis

Looking after our planet and learning about how our lives impact on the natural world is so important. The children are taught to respect the world and as they journey through school they discover just how much human activity affects the planet. They are taught to problem solve and seek answers to environmental issues.

At the end of every academic year the children in Year 4 are asked to apply to be a school Eco-Councillor. In September, the new Eco-Council meets to complete an environmental review.  This is a document that takes the children through 9 areas of school life which can be improved to make the school a greener place. These areas are: Energy Litter, Waste/Recycling Water Transport Healthy Living Biodiversity School Grounds Global Perspective

The review document helps the council to make judgements about how we are managing our school environment. We have attached the document here: Environmental Review. The children then come together with the adult members of the council to decide what the priorities should be for the coming year. We then write an action plan for the year.

Meet our 201819 Eco-council team. This hardy group of children (below)  have already taken over from our 201718 team starting to collect food waste for the compost, turn off lights and computers at lunch time, pick up litter (daily) and feed the birds! The whole school would like to thank the current Year 6 Eco-council members from last year, they never failed in their duties throughout the year- thank you! We will keep you posted as we set sustainability challenges throughout the year.

Keep Reducing Reusing and Recycling!!

Adult members: Mrs Hotchkiss, Mrs Mather, Mr Omerod, Mrs Shields, Mrs Carr