Our Lady’s School Community

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How do we do this?

We meet as a full Governing Body 3 times a year in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. The Agenda for these meetings is guided by Lancashire Governor Services and the Diocese and include items which reflect current thinking and educational priorities. During each meeting reports are received from the Headteacher and the two Committees, which provide an overview of the school’s work over the term. The Financial Management of the school budget and the implementation of school policies are also discussed.

Our two committees cover all aspects of school life. The Every Child Matters Committee (ECM) considers the curriculum alongside pupil welfare; Mr G. Ormerod is the chair of this committee. The Resources Committee considers finance, buildings, health and safety and staffing: Mr D. Smith is the chair of this committee.  Each committee has their own Terms of Reference which details their specific remit. These committees consist of a smaller number of governors and each committee also meets 3 times a year.

Governors also take an active part in all aspects of school life by attending New Parents evenings, end of year and Nativity plays, Harvest Services, Leavers Mass and School Council Meetings. Many governors also visit school to experience life within a working classroom. All Governors are linked with a particular class which enables them to gain a more detailed overview of the working curriculum. Fulfilling the role of a Governor is a huge responsibility and is never taken lightly.

As a whole body we recognise the importance and the impact of the decisions we make and when making decisions we place the school mission statement at the centre of our thought process.