Never under estimate the power of a community which walks in the footsteps of Christ...

There seems no greater example of this than on Sunday as our Year 3 children along with Louisa from Year 6 and Valentina from another local school made their First Holy Communion during the 9.30am Mass. It was a truly joyful celebration, very emotional for many and I’m sure that you, like us, were immensely proud of the children who were a credit to everyone involved. I would like to thank all parents for their support throughout the programme. I would also like to thank the many wonderful Year 4 families who donated or made biscuits and baked cakes, a good number helping to arrange the Parish Centre too as goodies were assembled and delivered to each table. The kitchen help during the Parish Centre gathering was also so welcome - what a hardworking team! A special mention to Mrs Jones who baked individual communion cupcakes and a larger cake for all the children to enjoy, and enjoy they did! Help and support on these occasions is invaluable and it's truly heartwarming to have you there ‘passing it on' to the next group of parents and children.  I’m sure each of you will have your own special memories of the day.

The commitment of the Catechists must be applauded as they ensured that all the children were prepared fully to receive Jesus for the first time in Holy Communion. We would also like to thank Fr Peter, who has supported the programme within school. He looks forward to continuing to welcome us all to Mass. I hope, if your child made his or her First Holy Communion, that you found the day a wonderful and memorable celebration and that you had the happiest of days as a family.

Learning each day.

This week our Year 6 children have been sitting their end of Key Stage assessment tests which they have all taken calmly in their stride. I've been so impressed by their focus, concentration and hard work, all of which enabled them to approach each test with quiet confidence. The children have been a fantastic team, well done Year 6, you have all worked extremely hard, given of your best and we can ask for nothing more!

Now the hard work really starts as we ask our oldest children to give something back. As soon as the tests were finished the children were all eager to discover the name of the end of year play. There was great excitement as Peter Pan was revealed and this was replicated in the Year 5 class. With no time to lose, a song was learned along with part of a scene as the Year 6 children were auditioned; what a group of talented actors we have, it was so humbling to see the confidence! Luckily this play provides so many wonderful parts which I am sure will be embraced by the whole team as they work to put on a performance of a lifetime; hopefully without being cornered by that threatening Captain Hook. I can’t wait for rehearsals to begin; you will all be in for such a treat! Today after applying for their preferred jobs which will enable them to take on an extra responsibility around school, Year 6 have been through their first interview! Wow! Such mature answers given to some probing questions, truly demonstrating how much each child has grown over their time at Our Lady’s. This group of children really do understand that we are each precious in God's eyes.

It is always a joy to see the children blossom at this point in the year as they use all the skills they have developed to extend their own learning and 'consider the possibilities'!

After such a busy week all the children are now looking forward to Monday morning as after packing their bags this weekend they will be heading off on their residential trip to Lake Coniston. There is much excitement and anticipation and I'm sure they will bring back many funny stories! The children will be leaving school at 9.15am so please Year 6, be on time to give us the opportunity to check everything off, have the coach loaded and everyone accounted for!

New Starters

On Thursday evening we had the pleasure of welcoming the families of the new starters for September - many are already familiar faces and some are new to us and new to our school family. It's such a privilege to have parents entrust their child to our care and we love meeting everyone on this induction evening. Our staff were there to greet our new parents who had the chance to sample delicious food from our kitchen and visit so many different areas of the curriculum. The Reception class team were on hand to talk to parents and pass on important information. A highlight of the evening was listening to Lola and Daniel, our head girl and head boy speak to parents about life at Our Lady's and hearing their reflections on their own school journey. When parents are preparing for their child to start Reception, it's lovely and hopefully reassuring as well to meet some of the Year 6 children who are about to leave us and take the next stage of their education journey up to high school. 


Reception 97%

Year One 98.6%

Year Two 97.7%

Year Three 96.7%

Year Four 100%

Year Five 96.9%

Year Six 100%

Well done to Year 6 - we're sure they will have plenty of golden minutes playtime next week - hopefully in bright sunshine in the Lake District.

Parish News

Click here to see what is going on in the parish.

Charitable Works

Today the children were visited by Jo from the NSPPC and we presented her with a cheque for £1,069.40; all money raised during Lent from those kind acts. We were told that the money would be enough to help 213 children, just over the amount of children in the hall today. Thank you for your support.


This has been such a week of celebration of all things learning and next week we will be entering the first of our two Health and Happiness weeks. This is always a time for children to explore all aspects of themselves and take that time to set new targets going into the final half term. We are all excited as this year children will have the opportunity to have a caving experience, which will be a new experience for many and one which they can problem-solve. To complete the fortnight on Friday 14thJune at 8am, we will be holding that much loved event; the Gym Jam Jog. The children always enjoy this event and try to beat old records. In preparation we are sending out sponsor forms on Monday (or you can click here) as we try and raise money to further develop our learning environment. We welcome all runners, including parents and grandparents. Thank you in anticipation for your generous support.

This also kick starts our walk, scoot or cycle into school months; why not leave the car at home and enjoy the morning school run?

Can you believe that there is only one more week of term before we reach the half-term holiday? Have a lovely weekend in the meantime with your families, relaxing when you can and hopefully soaking up some more sunshine.