Sometimes we know what to do but lack the courage to do it.

The shorter week has caused confusion again as over the last four days Tuesday became Monday and Wednesday became Tuesday and suddenly we have arrived at Friday again! We've packed so much into the four days I think everyone is exhausted! Our Year 6 children have been particularly focused and we really couldn't ask them to work any harder than they have...each one of them has striven to do their very best. They're all ready to shine next week and, with a helping of early nights and a good breakfast inside them, I'm sure they'll all bounce into school each morning!

Sacramental Programme

On Tuesday our First Communicants completed their final practice and are now ready to receive the Eucharist for the first time; we are all looking forward immensely to Sunday and the joy of sharing this special day with our candidates and their families. It is a wonderful celebration and we are so appreciative of everyone who has helped the children on their way and in preparation for this memorable day.

Thanks go to those who have worked so hard over many weeks with the children on their spiritual preparation. Also thanks to those who will be at the Parish Centre, bright and early with cakes and tables to set up for refreshments after the Mass - it's always heart-warming to have families from the preceding year's First Communicants 'passing on' their help and support; thank you so much in advance for all your generous and kind efforts.

Let's hope that the sun will shine and everyone will have a truly memorable and uplifting day, filled with joy at coming together as a family, a school and parish family and most of all, God's family.


Reception 95.8%

Year One 98.3%

Year Two 100%

Year Three 96.7%

Year Four 100%

Year Five 99.1%

Year Six 100%

Three classes with 100% attendance is brilliant! Well done everyone.

Induction Evening

On Thursday 16th May at 6pm we are very much looking forward to meeting up with the parents of our new Reception children for September. We will be meeting parents who already know the school, including some past pupils, and meeting parents who are new to us. We really look forward to this as a time to celebrate the new start, talk about all that they and their child will encounter, especially in the early weeks. We see this also as an opportunity to truly welcome parents and thank them for choosing Our Lady's School as their child's primary school.

All our staff will be present on the Induction evening; we have our lovely Jacqui demonstrating some of her popular school dinner dishes and there will be samples to try! Father Peter will be there to welcome everyone on behalf of the parish. Visitors include the Top Marque school uniform suppliers and St Thomas' Breakfast and After School Club representatives. We look forward to seeing everyone on the evening.

Sports News

All our clubs have continued this week and the commitment of the children has been great to see. Our athletics team are striving hard to perfect each event; those key areas are being worked on and it has been wonderful seeing each child give such support to one another. The cricket club is also providing a great opportunity for children to develop their batting and bowling skills. During lunchtimes Mr Nay has been working with Houses in preparation for our sports mornings in June. This year each House will be working as a team, completing events together, in an attempt to gain the greatest number of points. Already the teamwork and support for each other is spurring everyone on to try their very best. I wonder who will be lifting the cup this year?!  

Parish News

To keep abreast of events in the parish why not take a look at the parish newsletter


As we approach the weekend, let's hope to have some sunshine and fine weather throughout to enable us to enjoy the time with our families and friends. Last week's three day weekend was a great bonus but even 2 days off can give us time to relax and appreciate our lovely surroundings - we are truly blessed to live by the sea!