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Name: Mrs Hodges
Role: Office Manager
Favourite film: Mary Poppins
Favourite children's book: The Faraway Tree
Favourite food: A good curry
Who inspires you: Children, the people I work with and my Auntie Mary Gruber
Favourite quote: “One man with courage makes a majority.”


Name: Mrs Shields
Role: Office financial support and technician
Favourite film: Little Women (the original)
Favourite children's book: Heidi
Favourite food: Steak casserole with baked potato
Who inspires you: People who always see the good in others
Favourite quote: “On the difficult days, when the world’s on your shoulders, remember that diamonds are made under the weight of mountains.”


Name: Mr Smith
Role: Network Manager
Favourite film: Back to the Future
Favourite children's book: Superworm
Favourite food: Sausages
Who inspires you: Bill Gates
Favourite quote: “If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”