Special Educational Needs

We recognise that as children learn through experience in each subject area, individual needs become evident. Effective teaching strives to meet these needs and challenges children to excel and achieve what they deemed impossible!

At Our Lady Star of the Sea school all children are valued for who they are, each made in the unique image of God. Staff work together to ensure inclusion of all pupils. As a community we are committed to enabling all children, including those with special educational needs to thrive and achieve what they are truly capable of.

We know to achieve this we must walk hand in hand with families, communicating effectively, recognising and responding to individual need. We are an ‘open school’ and are happy to discuss any aspects of your child’s development. This can be done by first speaking with your child’s class teacher or by contacting Miss Brisco, our school SENCo.

“Every human has something to offer this world; the question is will we create a society that can see everyone’s worth?”
Michael T Coe

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