Welcome to Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, St Annes-on-Sea

Thank you for choosing Our Lady Star of the Sea. It is such a privilege to help to shape and guide your child along this part of their learning journey. We know to do this successfully we have to walk hand in hand with yourselves as we learn and grow together. Central to everything we do is Christ and our true belief that every member of our community is a precious gift and therefore valuing ourselves, and each other, is our perfect gift to God.

…Is of a community learning and growing together in openness, trust and respect, in which we are each striving to become, the better, the greater, the deeper and more authentic version of ourselves, to which God gently but persistently calls us to have ‘the eyes to see and ears to hear’ (Mark 8:18).

As we ask ourselves ‘what kind of person do we hope to become?’, we are guided by the words of Christ through His Gospel teachings, announcing them and living them out in our daily lives as we humbly walk with Christ in His loving embrace. We strive to become people of virtue, grateful for our own gifts and the gifts of others, deepening our faith, to believe and live out our mission statement, that each one of us is truly ‘precious in God’s eyes’.

We know that by…

‘seeing God in all things we will each see God in ourselves and as we see God in ourselves we will see God in all things’
St Ignatius

Each of the sixteen virtues within our school profile, guide and challenge us along the pathway of faith; encouraging us to become Disciples of Christ:

“Be perfect, therefore as your heavenly Father is perfect.”
Matthew 5:48

As we learn and grow together we strive to be perfect in the way God is perfect – by the strength of our faith, love, hope and compassion.

We seek to become actively engaged in every learning opportunity by exploring, questioning and growing to be curious about God’s world, on a journey to truly knowing ourselves; both our strengths and weaknesses. We aspire to become lifelong independent learners, who can use our knowledge and understanding for the greater good of everyone. To achieve this we know that the curriculum must be designed take us on a deep journey which awakens the imagination and opens our eyes to new possibilities based in truth.

Our prayer life is integral to our learning and growing together and gives us strength and support as we navigate through the joys and challenges of our daily lives.

Our school prayer is rooted in our mission and vision:

Lord help me to be the best that I can be,

Help me not just to look but to really see.

Help me not just to think but to wonder why?

Help me not just to laugh but to also cry.

Help me not just to hear but to listen and respond,

Help me to speak your words clearly and be proud to belong.

Give me the honesty to be both truthful and wise,

Help me to realise that I am precious in Your eyes...

All the staff of Our Lady Star of the Sea would like to welcome you and look forward to sharing every moment of your child’s learning and growing journey through school as we work in partnership together.