Drawing on different paper surfaces

Thursday 26th September

Thursday 26th September

Drawing on different surfaces. Using six different types of paper, we glued these into our books and drew different items on them to see which was best for drawing on.

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Responding to music

Thursday 19th September

Thursday 19th September 2019

Responding to music. Listening to six different genres of music, we thought how each type made us feel and what it would look like if we were to see it on paper. Using any colour we thought it should be we drew how the music made us feel.

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Drawing descriptive words

Wednesday 11th September

Wednesday 11th September 2019

Year two started their ‘Drawing’ topic today, we thought about how we could draw descriptive words such as curly, jagged, soft, tall etc. After this we then listened to instructions and thought carefully what colour each word would be such as spiky grass, tall tree, fluffy clouds etc. This then became a beautiful picture, everyone with the same instruction but all looking so very different. What a great start to our topic.