Hundertwasser pt 3

Wednesday 25th September

Wednesday 25th September 2019

Hundertwasser part three. Developing an image. Using acetate onto of our Hundertwasser inspired artwork from last week, we drew liner with marker pens. These look stunning and will be displayed around school.

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Hundertwasser pt2

Wednesday 18th September

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Work inspired by the abstract artist and architect Hundertwasser and his hatred of straight lines. Using our work from last week as reference, we created our own Hundertwasser style picture. These were then made bright with the use of oil pastels. Next week we will add an acetate overlay and add linear with marker pens.

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Hundertwasser pt 1

Wednesday 11th September

Wednesday 11th September 2019

Year five started their first topic of the year, ‘Drawing’. We looked at the abstract artist and architect Hundertwasser and hatred of straight lines. We loved his unusual buildings, deciding they looked like Willy Wonka’s house. We used a view finder to select parts of four paintings and recreated these in our sketch books, these will be reference for our own inspired artwork over the next few weeks. A great start to year five.