“The beautiful thing about learning, is that no one can take it away from you.”

This week has been bursting with learning! In science, the children have been sense detectives! Using their 5 senses, they were able to identify a missing teddy bear using the clues provided. The missing teddy bear had a croaky voice, liked to eat apples, was soft and fluffy, smelt minty and had a paw print that was 5 cubes long. The children have also been learning about which part of the body our senses are linked to. I wonder if you can go on a sensory walk over the weekend? What can you hear, see, smell, touch and taste?

The children have been such mathematicians this week! We have been comparing groups of objects/numbers and describing whether they are equal to, greater than or less than one another. We have even learned some funky actions which the children deliver with great enthusiasm. Do ask them to share these with you!

In RE, the children have been learning about the story of Noah and the Ark. We have thought about why God chose Noah, why He sent a flood and the promise God made to us all. The children came up with their own promises to God and we decided as a class that we should all promise God to love one another.

The standard of home learning this week was OUTSTANDING! I was wowed by the effort the children had put in and the extra learning they had done.

Let’s Celebrate

Yoga Stars - Archie and Sophia, well done for being so calm!

Class Tiger

This week the Tiger has chosen to go home with Luke! Luke you have been a super role model this week; you always put your hand up before sharing your ideas and always listen to other’s thinking. The Tiger is so excited to come and stay with you!

Reflective Lizzie Ladybird - For never comparing your learning to others and for always listening carefully to advice. Millie, in English you have shown how much you value feedback and act upon it. Your writing is improving more and more eeach week and your brain is growing bigger and bigger! Well done for being such a Lizzie Ladybird Millie, you super star! 

Concentrating Cooper Crab - For being such a wonderful, focused learner. Niamh, you are growing as a mathematician and it’s all down to your concentration! You never panic when you face a new challenge and are a role model to your fellow learners. Well done Niamh!


  • Marsden and Harcourt are the winners for house points this half term. They can come to school dressed in their house colours next Tuesday (15.10.19).

  • A friendly reminder about reading books. Please can you ensure that children bring their reading packets to school with them every day. There were a number of children this week who did not bring their reading books in on Monday or Tuesday. These children were therefore unable to quiz on their books and get their word set changed. This time is dedicated to supporting the children with their quizzing and choosing/changing their new reading book; it is so important that they have their reading materials to hand.

  • I look forward to meeting you all next week to discuss your children’s learning.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Lane and Miss Woodrow