" All that glistens is not gold" Morocco (The Merchant of Venice)

The highlight of our week was watching the RSC company perform The Merchant of Venice. The children had to describe the play using 5 words, these included: tense, dramatic, hilarious, disturbing, frightening. When Shylock held the knife to Antonio’s chest you could here a pin drop! In response to the play we have explored the themes in our reading journals and written persuasive letters: One from Bassanio to Antonio asking for money and another- independently- from Portia to Shylock begging for mercy. I’m so excited about marking these over the next few days!. In maths we have nearly mastered rounding to 10,000 and 100, 000. The children were challenged on Tuesday when I produced some very tricky puzzles- it was great to see everyone persevering throughout the lesson. In PE we started our gymnastic lessons but the rugby is getting rained off everywhere it would seem. We had to postpone the inter-house tournament- to Friday afternoon, but we didn’t have enough time to finish it so we will be playing rugby again on Monday. Mrs Curtis continues to praise the classes approach to art (please visit the art blog). In RE we have studied creation, but we have moved on to investigate what the bible says about looking after the world. We watched a very interesting film all about global warming. The children were wonderful, they could see the implications and the cause and effect of this phenomena. Finally, We shared the Rosary together on Monday which was lovely and next week we will come together for Harvest.

I am looking forward to Saturday when 17 children will be working alongside the RSC at the Grand!

Learning Certificates went to: Leo and Elizabeth! Well done!


Harvest donations - tinned meat and fish for Monday final day

Rugby on Monday- tracksuit

Photography day on Wednesday

Break up at 3:30pm Wednesday

Parents meetings on Thursday