Our garden is beginning to take shape!

We have been very busy 'planting' over the past two weeks and the garden is now beginning to take shape. The children have noticed that the mint and lavender have started to shoot, and are checking daily to see if all our seeds have begun to geminate!! If all goes to plan we will have an abundance of vegetables to enjoy by the summer! 

I must thank everyone who has joined in our quest to create the most beautiful garden EVER by donating bedding plants, seeds and shrubs. We really hope we don't let you down! 

We are looking forward to next week as Rowan is bringing frog spawn to nursery from her pond. The children are very keen to find out about the frog cycle. Watching the transformation from egg to frog will be a truly magical experience. After the holidays we intend to hatch caterpillar eggs and observe their metamorphic journey into butterflies. Our learning just keeps getting better and better!