"If the Legends fall silent, who will teach the children of our ways?" Chief Dan George

What a great week. The children have certainly embraced Year 5 and the high expectations that come with being an upper junior. This week we have explored different legends through books, websites, dance and film. We have then dived deeper exploring themes that run through them all. Alongside this work the children have collected and explored vocabulary- my favourite word was mortal! In maths we have explored numbers to 100 000 introducing the tens of thousands place. The children have worked really hard at this and we have had a great deal of success. The class is now ready to start tackling IXL Year 5 section A (see homework). In history we visited the Agora (Ancient Greek market place) - no sitting in this lesson the whole place came alive as we explored through drama. We examined evidence from Greek vases and understand that these provide a great deal of evidence for archaeologists today. In Art Mrs Curtis as begun to explore the artist Hundertwasser- see her posts on her art blog and in music the children impressed Mrs Mallison with their excellent listening skills. In RE we shared a worship all about God’s wonderful world and we continued to explore religious truth and scientific truth in relation to the creation story. In Rugby we got mucky- but there was great skill on display especially when it came to dodging- all in all a fantastic week!


On Tuesday the children shared their presentations to the class explaining why they wanted to be the class councilor this year - I was moved! The children then voted and Sol and Gabriel were successful- congratulations.

Our Grow Your Brain Certificates went to: Alice and Jakub

Reminders for next week:

No Gardening or Choir yet- they will be starting soon!

Dance auditions on Monday (please see letter which was sent home on Thursday)

Homework must be in on Thursday- I am only able to check it on this day- Thank you for you help

Please click on the Engage page in the menu bar and find sport for all times and trials for athletics, football and netball.

Our assembly is on Tuesday October 1st

I have also sent home the induction paperwork from Wednesday night- thank you to all those parents who were able to attend. If you are worried you have missed anything- please don’t hesitate to pop in our drop me an email

Have a lovely weekend!