Week Two


School is buzzing this week as we all get comfy in our new surroundings and feeling hungry for knowledge.

Year six have been awarded their positions of responsibility, congratulations to you all, I’m sure you'll all live up to your expectations. I am very excited to welcome Evie, Ruby and Emily to Team Create as this years Art monitors.

In Art…

Year One and Four created beautiful hearts for the Create room display and learned about their Art and DT lessons this year, they will both start their new Art topics next week.

Year two started their first topic ’Drawing’ by responding to words and drawing what they thought each should look like, curly, jagged, thick, thin etc. We then drew a beautiful picture, drawing only what they heard, a tall tree, two fluffy clouds, spiky grass etc. A great start to the topic year two.

Year three learned about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and his strong line-work depicting movement. We studied the painting ‘Starry Night’ and tried copying some of the lines in our sketch books, everyone was so focused, great effort year three.

Year five learned about the abstract artist and architect Hundertwasser and his hatred of straight lines. We drew sections from some of his unusual paintings in our sketch books, these are reference for our own Hundertwasser inspired art work over the next few weeks.

Year six learned about tone in their first drawing lesson, light, mid and dark tones. Using a pencil we experimented in our books before trying again with colours, finding tones within a colour family, such as light pink, cerise and deep purple. Once we were happy, we had a go at finding these tones on a photograph of our own faces, we split the face up and used the pastels to create a Pop Art version of themselves. These will be displayed around the school very soon.

Art Club will start next week and the first club members were told in assembly. I can’t wait to greet you next Tuesday and start our fun adventures together.

Have a wonderful weekend.

God bless.

Mrs Curtis