Year 6 Home Learning - Week 2

Please can you complete the following homework to be handed in next Tuesday. Thank you

Just a reminder about the standard of homework expected. It should replicate the standard of work that is in your school books with all aspects completed.

Maths - Ensure you have completed all strands A1 - A6.

Complete strand A7 - Roman Numerals as a reminder from last year.

Reading - As always….read, read, read, read, read.

Spellings - resistible, reversible, legible, visible, inaudible

syllable, enjoyable, adorable, unstable, durable, movable, enable, liable, fable, savable

If there are any words that you do not know the meaning of, please look them up.

Geography - This week we have been learning about the mountainous regions of South America. This started with looking at tectonic plates and volcanoes. Can you choose either tectonic plates or volcanoes and make a poster all about them. Be as creative as possible! This can be done on the computer or drawn, it really is up to you!

Assembly lines - Please make sure you know your lines and song lyrics for our final practice on Monday morning.