"The only person you should strive to be better than, is the person you were yesterday."

What a beautiful week of learning we have had in Year 1. Each day the children have grown in confidence and enthusiasm and I have seen so many acts of pure kindness. The support the children give to one another is so heart warming!

The children have blown me away with their retelling of our class story, Dangerous. We have now finished our class story map and the children can’t wait to tell you the story of Mole and Crocodile. Please see Year 1 Homework for all the details.

In maths this week, the children have been comparing measurements, with a focus of height, length and width. Whilst doing this, the children have been practising their STEM sentences, for example, “The water bottle is taller than the glue stick” and “the glue stick is shorter than the water bottle.” Please challenge the children to practise this thinking with the appropriate mathematical language: height (taller/shorter), weight (heavier/lighter) and length (longer/shorter).

We have continued our learning all about animals, including humans. This week we re-grouped the animals as carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. If you have pets at home, please challenge the children to tell you which of these groups they belong to.

In RE the children reflected on the wrong choice Adam and Eve made in the Garden of Eden. The children thought deeply about how the first people made some wrong choices. This led the children to reflect on times they have made wise choices. It was lovely to hear the stories of the kind things the children have done.

Yoga Stars - Isaac and Esther. Well done for being so still and peaceful – it’s easier said than done!

 Class Tiger

This week he Tiger has chosen to come home with Ben! The Tiger has loved how much you have spread your smile this week and how you have helped your peers to progress in their learning. You have such a warm heart Ben! Thank you for making everyone in our classroom feel precious! Remember not to leave the Tiger alone in the kitchen!

Let’s Celebrate

Focused Cooper Crab - For being such a brilliant, focused learner. Riley you have made so much progress in your learning since starting year 1. You have grown to realise that when you concentrate, just like Cooper, you produce beautiful work. You can achieve amazing things when you focus! Well done Riley!

Curious Clara Clownfish - For being such a curious learner this week. Natasha, you have thought so deeply in RE and have asked so many wondering questions. You have recognised that we don’t know the answers to all of God’s mysteries, but that won’t stop you thinking deeply! Well done for being so inquisitive Natasha!


  • Please prompt the children to bring their reading books and word sets (inside the plastic wallet) to school every day. Every opportunity to read during the day will be taken!

  • Parents Day is 17th October. More information to follow shortly.

Have a joyful weekend,

Miss Lane and Miss Woodrow