"The quality of mercy is not strained" Portia - The Merchant of Venice

What can I say about this week? It is hard to put into words what it’s like teaching Shakespeare to young children. The “active approaches” we have gained from working with the RSC transform the classroom into a place of self expression and exploration. It has been a complete joy. The children are giddy with excitement about seeing the play next week and so are the teachers! In maths we have read, ordered compared and rounded numbers to 1 million now. The children have a deep understanding of the columns and their values- I could not be prouder of their focus and willingness to think hard! The beginning of the week revolved around our class assembly- we hope you enjoyed it. When reflecting on this story the children wrote down what they had learnt “from” Ignatius as opposed to “about” him. Here are a few responses:

“You don’t have to be perfect all your life to be a Saint- he was ruthless and then learnt to love.”

“There are different types of bravery.”

“Change comes and you can trust God- sometimes change comes when you’re old.”

We have played rugby- practicing running down the wings and introducing a referee- this takes maturity and in RE we explored the origin of sin in the garden or Eden. Just a great week!

Growth Mindset certificates went to: Evelin and Sol


The Merchant of Venice - 8th please pay for the coach on Parent Pay £4.

The Merchant of Venice 12th - Saturday still waiting for time of arrival to be confirmed.

Harvest- as always we collect for those in need. Year 5 have been asked to donate tins of fish and meat. We will collect all donations in our worship area in class

Rosary beads- we will saying the Rosary on Monday if you would like to bring you beads in please do.

Please book your parents day meeting - October 17th

Break up on Wednesday 16th October at 3:30pm