"We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges"

I still can’t believe how quickly the children have settled into their new classroom and how much enthusiasm and energy they show in each and every lesson. They are coming into school each morning so curious about the new challenges they may face that day and know that by pushing and challenging themselves, they will enjoy their learning more and more.

I have been so impressed by the children in maths this week and how well they have kept up with the quick paced learning and conversation. We have continued to use the concrete mathematical equipment to help us to make different numbers and have moved onto partitioning these numbers in different ways. Already the children are showing such great problem solving and reasoning skills, thinking so carefully about their number work and giving clear explanations to explain why. Keep it up Year 2, I am already so excited to see what will be achieved this year!

Instructions have been our focus in English this week. We had a very bossy classroom on Wednesday with the children giving each other instructions and carrying out different tasks. We discussed the verbs in the instructions and how they knew exactly what task they had to carry out. We also looked at extending our sentences using the connective ‘and’. Next week we are hoping to give and follow even more instructions to help each other to make something which they may possibly be able to bring home and eat - watch this space!

Let’s Celebrate

Wow Eddie, what a brave learner you are!  You are never afraid to have a go and always listen carefully so that you know exactly what to do.  It has been wonderful to see your confidence when sharing your thoughts and ideas with the class this week and I can’t wait to see this more and more as you progress through Year 2.  Well done!

Molly-Ann, you have been such a reflective learner this week and have been thinking really carefully about how to improve and what you need to do in order to do so.  You have reflected so carefully on your writing and now have a real good think about the sounds that should be used in the words before writing them down.  Keep up the super work!

Have a wonderful rest over the weekend Year 2,

Miss Woodend and Mrs Connolly