Year 4 homework to be handed in on Thursday 26th September


Please complete units B! and B2. I have put your IXL passwords in your homework books - except for those who did not hand it in. Yours is in your bags.


Please do lots of reading over the weekend and read for 20 minutes each night - lets see how many children can meet their reading target this half term! Well done to Elise who has already met it!

Seed dispersal.

We have learned lots about seeds and how they disperse this week. Go on a walk around your garden or a park. Have a close look at the seeds in the plants. How do you think they disperse? Draw them in your homework book and see if you can write a little explanation of how you think they do it.

Our main categories were:

Wind: some seeds have parachutes, helicopters or shakers

Animal: Some get eaten, some get buried and some hitchhike on an animal’s fur!

Gravity - some are heavy and roll whilst others catapult out.

You could use some of our lovely language of explanation eg, in order to, as a result, consequently, since, because, this means that, this enables…..