Year 4 homework to be handed in for Thursday 3rd October

Assembly parts

Children have come home with these to be learnt for Monday if possible and practised each night until our assembly - Tuesday 8th October. We are going to sing the song below too so please practise this. I have sent home a paper copy of the words too.


This week we have been learning the suffix tion.

Please copy these verbs and change them into nouns by adding ion - if it ends in e, drop the e first.

collect inject inspect act germinate locate

create investigate

We also are practising these words which we spell wrong in our writing sometimes:

which appear saw something were again

Purple mash

Have a go at explaining the process of germination in purple mash (2do Germination)

Explain the following in order:

  1. The conditions needed in order to germinte

  2. What happens to the seed first?

  3. Then what happens to the seed case?

  4. Then think root and shoot!

    Don’t forget your causal conjunctions (the language of explanation) eg in order to, consequently, this means that, this enables, at this stage, as a result