Home Learning 20.9.19

This week the children have been asked to practise their number formation. Let’s make sure all of those numbers are the right way around! The children have also been challenged to describe Mole (from our class story) using as many adjectives as they can. If you could stick these two sheets into their home learning books, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please continue to practise the speed sounds with the children. If the children could practise their sounds every time before they read, that would be AMAZING!

Finally, please read, read, and read! “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”


Home Learning 13.9.19

The children’s homework this week is all about READING!

The children have each been given a copy of the Read Write Inc. speed sounds chart and a lolly stick. This is the children’s to keep. Please spend time pointing to each of the sounds in and out of order with the lolly stick. Being able to fluently recognise, read and correctly say these sounds is invaluable to the children’s progression in reading and writing.

The children may not have learned all of the sounds at school yet, it would be wonderful for the children to become familiar with them, all ready for when they are explicitly taught. Watch this space as over the coming weeks the children will be producing a video on how to correctly pronounce the sounds!

Next week’s show and tell (Friday) will be for the children to bring in their favourite book from home. Children can bring this book in on any day and keep it safely in their tray.

Please read with the children as much as possible over the weekend and remember to record the children’s reading in their log.

Finally, thank you for supporting all of the children with decorating their home learning books. It was amazing to see their personality all over the covers!


Home Learning 6.9.19

The children have each been given a Home Learning book. Homework will be given out each Friday and will need to be returned to school by the following Thursday.

The children have two special tasks this week. Firstly, please could you support the children to back their home learning book; this will help to protect the books when being brought to and from school. The children can choose to do this in whichever way they like - the more creative the better. The home learning book could be covered in wrapping paper, stick back plastic, newspaper, photographs etc. When the home learning books are returned next week I will stick a name label on each of them, so do not worry about making the name visible.

On the first page of the Home Learning book please could the children draw a picture of their family (furry friends included). Next week the children will have the chance to talk about the special people in their lives; an opportunity for the children to see how everyone’s family is unique and precious.

You will notice that the children will not be bringing a reading book home with them this weekend. Reading books will be coming home with the children from next week. Please encourage the children to read as much as they can over the weekend, prompting them to use their Fred Talk to sound out words they are struggling with.