Our school places Christ at the centre of all thoughts, actions and words and we strive to serve, challenge, guide and inspire your child to grow in the image of Christ.

We know that this can only be achieved with your help and support, and therefore our vision is of a whole community working, learning and growing together.

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“It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all.” 

Next Wednesday we arrive at the end of our first half-term and what a lovely eight weeks it has been! The children have all grown into their new roles and each class has been immersed in learning and exploring new concepts. Some classes have managed to visit new places to enhance their curriculum and the children have truly benefited from these experiences; I think that the parents who accompanied classes have also enjoyed the trips! Currently our Year 5 children are in London and enjoying every moment; they were last seen visiting the House of Lords! I'm sure they will have exciting stories to tell on Monday.

On Tuesday our Year 4 children shared our school story of Kiki Chameleon; they thoroughly entertained everyone in the hall and creatively made us think about looking at our world with new eyes. Often we forgot about the miracle of creation and what a master of design Our Lord is. Everyone spoke with such confidence and told the story so well, incorporating the drama very subtly and skilfully. Thank you Year 4 for bringing a smile to all of our faces.  

Open Afternoons

Over the last two weeks some of our Year 6 children have stepped into their role as tour guides as they have shown prospective parents around school. It is always a joy to see the children answer questions and provide their own view of Our Lady’s with knowledge and confidence. As parents have left school the feedback has been extremely positive. Thank you children.

Sports News

What a very windy afternoon to finish off the first half of the season! Once again the children made us all proud with their sportsmanship; they really have represented Our Lady’s with grace over the last four weeks. In this, their final week, both football teams displayed great team work; all staff involved were so pleased with how the players have gelled together. Whilst both netball teams were defeated, all the girls have been on a journey this term and I am sure will have many learning points to take forward to the second half of the season. Well done everyone! If you’d like to read the match reports visit the sports area of the website.

Once again athletics club was held outside on Thursday morning due to the dry conditions. This enabled Mr Nay to complete his running trials started at the YMCA on Wednesday. Next week we should have a team chosen who can go on to represent the school after half term.

With just a few practices left before the dance festival, the final touches are being put into our routine and what a lovely, enthusiastic group of dancers we have! Information about the event will be sent out soon; it’s always an enjoyable and uplifting evening when dance is celebrated across Wyre and Fylde.  

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Children should be taught how to think, not what to think. 

The weeks are flying by so quickly and we're fast heading towards half term! This has been another learning packed week and it has been lovely listening to the children's stories of what they have discovered and what they want to explore next! As children grow in their awareness of what makes an effective learner they are becoming skilled at recognising key learning characteristics within their peers. This leads to deeper discussions and varied opportunities to reflect on how we are all striving to become those resilient learners.

Our Year 5 children shared their thirst for knowledge on Tuesday as they travelled back in time to explore the real contribution the Ancient Greeks have made to our society today. Their assembly was full of fascinating facts which started us all thinking. We were also introduced to some Greek Gods, a quarrelsome group it would seem, full of their own importance! The children really used all their skills to dramatic effect and spoke with such confidence, drawing the audience back into ancient made us realise that human nature never changes but we can work on it! Thank you Year 5 for such an entertaining and informative assembly, you have inspired me to find out more!

Next week our Year Four children will be sharing their assembly with us.

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Treat people as if they were what they should be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming. 

Our new Reception children have settled in seamlessly to school life and it really feels as though they've been part of the school for a long time. They have established all those important routines and I must say they have made a very smooth transition into the hall at lunch times and are having a go at eating all their lunches; every plate is quickly emptied and their cutting skills are improving by the day! When visiting their class this week I was invited to make some objects with the playdoh group who creatively made a dinner set, a chocolate bar and a necklace. I can honestly say, the enthusiasm to learn is tangible. Miss Bassett and her team are so proud of them all.

It has also been lovely watching our Year One children grasp every learning opportunity as they have made the transition from Foundation over the last few weeks. Miss Mason and her team can’t believe just how quickly they have settled into life in Year One. The mission now is to help the children develop their resilience and independence as they grow in their understanding of themselves in the wider world of school. Please share your stories of how your children have successfully completed tasks without help; even those tricky things! The class is teeming with words as children work hard on developing their sounds, blending them together, and using them throughout the day. Reading plays such an important role in all aspects of the children’s developing understanding and it is great to see such enthusiasm and growing fluency! Your help with this at home is always greatly appreciated; thank you.

On Tuesday our Year Two children shared their understanding of how to be a role model, part of which involved the birds all working co-operatively together, which is just what the whole class did! They also shared with us the people who inspired them; it was lovely to see some older brothers and sisters up there. All the children spoke out with confidence; well done everyone! It was lovely to share this time with so many family members; I think this was our largest audience to date!

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Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all… 

Well, it's certainly grown colder this week and we've had rain interrupting our break and lunch times, intermingled with bursts of beautiful sunshine! With the field out of use at times, we're all having to be far more creative and over the coming months, new games and ways of playing together outside will be explored. Mr Nay our Sports Coach has been very impressed with how the children have responded during lunchtime sessions. It’s great to see so many children active and happily challenging themselves. 

On Tuesday our Year 6 children reminded us about the importance of kindness and that at the end of the day, a heart full of love brings many a smile and happiness to others. Sometimes we all forget that kind words and actions help us to be the hands of God in this world. A mission we have all been set. Thank you Year 6 for sharing such an important message, in such a thought-provoking way! Next week our Year 2 children will be sharing their message with us during their assembly on Tuesday; it is always lovely to have family members join us on these special occasions.

Sports News

All our teams competed in their first inter school matches at AKS on Tuesday and Miss Bassett, Miss Mason, Mr Wormleighton and Mr Nay commented on the potential we have to let our skills shine over the season. All teams played their hearts out and three out of four teams were victorious, demonstrating great passing and positional play; well-done children! As we all know, teams can do wonders when they work together with humility and the belief that together, they are greater than the sum of each part...

This year, we have so many children who want to represent the school, this is such a step forward, and tells us that in encouraging children to have a go, more and more children are developing a self-belief and are becoming confident to take risks. Children definitely are developing a passion for challenging themselves physically. It really is so humbling to watch all children support each other, celebrating each individual's progress, to ensure as whole squads we can move forward together. Our school ethos is rooted in making sure every person feels valued and that’s exactly what each squad is striving to do and for some children being part of a sports team is a new and exciting experience and builds confidence and self-belief in a very unique way. Thank you for supporting both children and staff with this endeavour, reinforcing the code of conduct at home. Please visit the sport area of the website to view the fixture list for the rest of this half term and read the weekly blog written by our Sports Captains.

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Reception 2018

Admissions September 2018

The LCC online admission process is now open for Primary and Secondary applications for 2018.

We are going to have 2 open afternoons in October for Reception Class 2018 and these will take place on Monday 9th and Tuesday 17th October. We have an appointment system:

Monday afternoon 9.10.17 -2pm, 2:15pm, 2:30pm 2:45pm and 3pm

Tuesday afternoon 17.10.17 -2pm, 2:15pm, 2:30pm 2:45pm and 3pm

Please let us know if you would like to come and the time and we’ll book you in. What we do on the afternoon is introduce ourselves and meet parents, then set visitors off for a mini tour with our Y6’s and return to the entrance and answer further questions. The staggered arrival is just to ensure that our small people already in Reception Class are not overwhelmed by lots of visitors all at once! Please either telephone us on 01253 726 015 to book an appointment or email us through the website or email Mrs Hodges direct on:

Renaissance Home Connect.

Many of you have reported that the information we provided at Induction does not enable you to access your child's reading information. We have looked into this and there is a mistake on the printout.

Please follow these instructions below to access the site and your child's area:

  1. login to
  2. Enter your child's username and password (the one they use to login at school)
  3. Then follow the instructions to set up your email - this will provide you with a shortcut to login in for future use.
  4. Any problems let us know.

I hope this solves the problem.

Only when I have the qualities in me that I want others to learn, can I lead them

What an exciting time this has been! Last Tuesday our Year 6 children entertained us all with their House Captain speeches; they were all so brave, well done Year 6! The rest of the children in each House then had the onerous task of voting, I'm so glad I didn't have to! On Tuesday all positions were allocated and our Board of Responsibilities in the Hall will shortly be informing everyone of the decisions made as the importance of service in school comes to life. Each class has also voted for two members in their year group to represent them at our new Student Council. Classes ran their own elections and again the children demonstrated great confidence as they made their voices heard. To complete all our positions of responsibility, the new Eco Council, from Year 5, were also elected. They are now charged with helping us all to think in a greener way!

As part of this whole process we always remind the children that all roles are important and in Mother Teresa's words: 'In this life we can only do small things with great love'.

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