Our school places Christ at the centre of all thoughts, actions and words and we strive to serve, challenge, guide and inspire your child to grow in the image of Christ.

We know that this can only be achieved with your help and support, and therefore our vision is of a whole community working, learning and growing together.

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Thank you...

Today as we end this half term, I would like to thank you for your continued support in helping to make Our Lady Star of the Sea a special place in which children can learn. Watching our Reception children on Thursday as they shared with us the importance of resilience demonstrated this so beautifully; I can't believe just how they have grown over the year. Children, you should be so very proud of all your achievements and there's still six weeks to go! 

This final week has been full of exciting opportunities to explore our 'Health and Happiness'. This is always such an exciting theme which the children fully embrace. We can see that you've all been trying to stay healthy too by walking, cycling or scooting to school; thank you!   

On Monday our KS2 children competed in their Sports Morning which ran like clockwork! The children ran, jumped and threw their way through a variety of events. There was great sportsmanship throughout the morning and eventually, after a close contest, Marsden were victorious. On Tuesday more glorious sunshine enabled our younger children to participate in their annual competition. The children supported each other in their house teams as they raced towards each finishing line; again the sportsmanship was terrific to see. I can’t quite believe just how much they have all grown! The results were extremely close but just edging ahead, Marsden again were victorious. Thank you to all those family members who joined us to cheer and clap; your support on these days gives all the children a real lift. Dare I say that by sheer coincidence, Marsden winning and therefore house members wearing green colours on Thursday seems like a clue for our play!

Today we have brought the week to a conclusion with a combination of fun and health as we've completed our Gym Jam Jog. It was such a glorious event with a real community spirit. The children arrived from 7:45am onwards with great enthusiasm as they ran round the field with their friends, all trying to beat old records; I do believe that some even reached the golden 100! With great support from parents and grandparents, some even took to the field themselves - there were smiles everywhere. Charlie O, from Year 6, has set a new school record of 125 laps and completed his final three with cheers and encouragement from our Year 5 class; clearly leaders in the making!  This was followed by a healthy breakfast in the hall, where our lovely staff ensured that everyone was served and everything cleared afterwards, this help is always greatly appreciated. Mrs Nel is now in the process of collecting all sponsorship monies, thank you for returning it today and if you haven't yet managed to collect it please send back to school following the half term break. All money raised will help us to keep adding those exciting titles to our library. The children already have a list!

We are hoping to add this total to the monies already collected by our Student Council initiative of a non-uniform day last Friday - they raised £211.14 towards the library fund and we are delighted that this was student led and supported by everyone. Again it demonstrates what a wonderful community we have and how proud the children are of this school and all the opportunities they would like us to provide for everyone.

After half term we will continue with our theme as we look forward to the climbing wall arriving!

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Never under estimate the power of a community which walks in the footsteps of Christ... 

There seems no greater example of this than on Sunday as our Year 3 children along with Pedro from Year 4 made their First Holy Communion during the 9.30am Mass. It was a truly joyful celebration, very emotional for many and I’m sure that you, like us, were proud of the children who were a credit to everyone involved. I would like to thank all parents for their support throughout the programme. I would also like to thank the many wonderful Year 4 families who donated biscuits and baked cakes, a good number helping to arrange the Parish Centre too as plates were arranged and filled. Thank you also to our splendid staff team who served drinks, washed up and who helped to make this part of the morning run so smoothly. It was lovely to see Billy Hotchkiss, a past pupil, amongst them helping out, serving families and cleaning up. A special mention to Mrs Jones who baked individual communion cupcakes and a larger cake for all the children to enjoy, and enjoy they did! Help and support on these occasions is invaluable and it's truly heartwarming to have you there ‘passing it on' to the next group of parents and children.  I’m sure each of you will have your own special memories of the day.

The commitment of the Catechists must be applauded as they ensured that all the children were prepared fully to receive Jesus for the first time in Holy Communion. We would also like to thank Fr Peter, who has supported the programme within school. He looks forward to continuing to welcome us all to Mass. I hope, if your child made his or her First Holy Communion, that you found the day a wonderful and memorable celebration and that you had the happiest of days as a family.

Learning each day.

This week our Year 6 children have been sitting their end of Key Stage assessment tests which they have all taken calmly in their stride. I've been so impressed by their focus, concentration and hard work, all of which enabled them to approach each test with quiet confidence. The children have been a fantastic team, well done Year 6, you have all worked extremely hard, given of your best and we can ask for nothing more!

Now the hard work really starts as we ask our oldest children to give something back. As soon as the tests were finished the children were all eager to discover the name of the end of year play. There was great excitement as Robin Hood was revealed and this was replicated in the Year 5 class. Today they will be working on the in-class job-shop as they begin applying for their preferred jobs which will enable them to take on an extra responsibility around school. It is always a joy to see the children blossom at this point in the year as they use all the skills they have developed to extend their own learning and 'consider the possibilities'! Next week, we will have auditions and interviews; a very busy few days, full of varied experiences.

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Sometimes we know what to do but lack the courage to do it.

The shorter week has caused confusion again as over the last four days Tuesday became Monday and Wednesday became Tuesday and suddenly we have arrived at Friday again! We've packed so much into the four days, I think everyone is exhausted! Spending time in church on Thursday to celebrate The Ascension of Our Lord provided us all with the time and space to pray and to give thanks for all the wonderful gifts we can use for the good of others.

Our Year 6 children have been working hard as they have prepared for their assessments, trying to put all those learning blocks together. They're all ready to shine next week and, with a helping of early nights, I'm sure they'll all bounce into school each morning!

Sacramental Programme

On Tuesday our First Communicants completed their final practice and are now ready to receive the Eucharist for the first time; we are all looking forward immensely to Sunday and the joy of sharing this special day with our candidates and their families. It is a wonderful celebration and we are so appreciative of everyone who has helped the children on their way and in preparation for this memorable day.

Thanks go to those who have worked so hard over many weeks with the children on their spiritual preparation. Also thanks to those who will be at the Parish Centre, bright and early with cakes and tables to set up for refreshments after the Mass - it's always heart-warming to have families from the preceding year's first communicants passing on their help and support; thank you so much in advance for all your kind efforts.

Let's hope that the sun will shine and everyone will have a truly memorable and uplifting day, filled with joy at coming together as a family, a school and parish family and most of all, God's family.

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A Very Royal Picnic

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Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art! 

Over the last four weeks there has been a real buzz around the school as children have entered the Create Kitchen with their ingredients, to emerge with tasty delights to be shared at home. Mrs Curtis has found herself constantly smiling as she has watched children handle those sharp knives with care, chop vegetables and fruits, mix ingredients using a variety of implements, try new foods and most importantly develop those important life skills. I have shown numerous visitors the whole cooking process in action and I have to say they have been incredibly impressed both by the organisation involved and the children's enthusiasm! We definitely have a number of future chefs if the prep and finished dishes are anything to go by! I myself have enjoyed various samples including a glorious quiche, a banana energy ball and a delicious piece of hot bread plus a refreshing smoothie! With three weeks left I am looking forward to sampling more! 

Stepping into Spring

This week we have started our ‘Walk, Scoot or Cycle’ to school month of May. It has been lovely watching many families join us on our mission to get fit and to save our planet by reducing those car emissions. If you do want to get involved but would struggle to walk the whole way, then why not park a little distance from school and walk the final metres, every bit makes a difference and just think of that petrol money you will save!

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Play is the highest form of research...

Watching the children thrive as they have participated in PE lessons, both inside and outside this week has reinforced for me the important part physical development plays in nurturing growth. As a school we recognise just how important physical development is and we place great value on providing all children with quality opportunities to grow their physical being. On a daily basis we see the impact of this as children become confident, developing team qualities and leadership traits. We encourage and challenge our Foundation and KS1 children to secure all of the fundamental movement skills which they can then use as a stepping stone for their KS2 journey. Our Reception and Year One children have blossomed over the year and so many can now perform many of these skills competently through focused lessons which are challenging them to have the confidence to take risks and trust that they can do it!

To support us develop these skills our Sports Premium money is enabling us to offer varied experiences. This year the school has match funded adventerous trips for each class. On Thursday our Year 5 children navigated a variety of problem-solving tasks at Hothersall Lodge. Mrs Hotchkiss was incredibly proud of how well the children co-operated as they supported, led and showed such resilience. They had definitely worked both their brains and bodies to the extreme; reflected in those tired walks as they returned to school. Why not visit the Year 5 area to find out more.  

Talking of being active, the drier weather has enabled us all to spread out on to the field during break and lunch times, giving the children opportunities to try out different activities. We are continuously encouraging them to explore and discover new games alongside their beloved football. Please remember if you have any childhood games which you enjoyed and maybe still enjoy, why not share them with your child; who knows, they may become a school favourite... It's great to bring out traditional games, they're part of our heritage, so get the grandparents and other relatives to see which games they remember and pass them on!

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To understand everything is to forgive everything...

My goodness time really is flying by! We've had a lovely two weeks back at school with so many exciting learning opportunities and watching the children strive to reach their challenging targets has been inspiring.  Our Year 6 children are really challenging themselves as they prepare for their assessments; there is so much problem-solving going on! At the other end of the school our Reception, Year One and Year Two children are making such progress with both their story telling and reading. Thank you for spending time practising these skills at home - it truly is the best gift that you can give to your little ones - and it lasts forever!   

Holy Communion

The programme continued this week as the children explored the Mass further. All the catechists continue to say how impressed they are with the children's focus and understanding. There have been some lovely moments of reflection in every group. Session Three will take place next week. As always, we have asked our Year 4 parents to get involved and to 'pass it on' and we sent out a letter, requesting help yesterday. We always appreciate how so many different strands of our school community come together at Holy Communion time and help celebrate a truly memorable occasion.  

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