Our school places Christ at the centre of all thoughts, actions and words and we strive to serve, challenge, guide and inspire your child to grow in the image of Christ.

We know that this can only be achieved with your help and support, and therefore our vision is of a whole community working, learning and growing together.

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Happy Half-Term!

We've arrived at our first half-term already and what a lovely eight weeks it has been. The children have certainly grown into their new roles and each classroom has been immersed with learning. Many classes have managed to visit new places to enhance their curriculum and the children have truly benefited from these experiences and I think the parents who have accompanied them have also enjoyed the trips!

Throughout the weeks we have watched our new chapel take shape and this week the final step of placing the beautiful stained glass windows into their frames has been completed. These have been designed and executed by the children and are simply breathtaking. It truly is an inspirational space and I know the children will be enveloped by the still calmness once inside. The Bishop is very keen to come and visit Our Lady's again and hopefully we will be welcoming him back in February when he will bless our new chapel.

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Week Seven

My, time passes by so quickly! How on earth have we nearly reached the end of our first half term? Watching our Year Three children during their assembly on Tuesday reminded me just how much they have grown; they spoke and acted with such confidence, reminding us all the importance of following in the footsteps of Jesus, our teacher. I have to say those Romans and Celts were so quarrelsome! It was a good job the children were able to time travel to remind them of the importance of getting along with each other through kindness and gentleness. Thank you Year Three for delivering such an important message in such an entertaining way! Again it was lovely to see so many family members sharing in these worship times. 

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Week Six

There has been great excitement this week as the new trim trail has been completed; the children are desperate to try out the two new pieces! We are now just waiting for some extra turf to be laid and the removal of the skip and then hopefully it will be good to go! At the same time our new chapel is also near to completion and we are thrilled that we will soon be able to worship in such a lovely place.

On Tuesday morning our Year 5 children shared a beautiful reflection with us all; during their assembly they challenged each one of us to be a light, just as Jesus is the light of the world. Through drama, dance and words they illustrated the qualities we all need. It was such a lovely way to start the week; thank you Year 5. Next week our Year 3 children will be sharing their assembly at 9:10am and again at 9:35am everyone is most welcome.  

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Week Five

Our new Reception children have settled in seamlessly to school life and it really feels as though they've been part of the school for a long time. They have established all those important routines and I must say they are one of the best classes we have ever had for eating their lunch; every plate is quickly emptied and their cutting skills are just fantastic! 

It has also been lovely watching our Year One children grasp every learning opportunity as they have explored their castle topic over the last few weeks. On Thursday at lunchtime I was told about the nasty giant who apparently had not been very kind and was due to return to gobble up a few of the class! Luckily, some brave children said that they would protect everyone, we're all just hoping that he doesn't return! This really has awakened their imagination and I'm very excited to see how they will reflect this as they begin to write their 'happy ever after tales'.

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Week Four

Well it has certainly grown colder this week and we've even had rain interrupting our break times! Luckily our library club is now up and running and during break times we have found various children snuggled up with a good book! Both Mrs Briggs and Mrs Baker have enjoyed spending time with the children who have definitely travelled to exciting new places!

Outside, our Year 5 children have been testing out their cycling skills and braving the elements. This really has been one of our best cycling classes and the coaches have been able to pass every child, which is a great achievement; well done Year 5!

On Tuesday our Year 6 children really did give us all a dramatical treat as they told us the story of Sona, who really was keen to tell people just what they couldn't do! As she met various characters, including Little Mix, she began to realise the error of her ways and gradually recognised that we are all 'precious in God's eyes'. Thank you Year 6 for sharing such an important message in such an entertaining way! Next week our Year 2 children will be sharing their message with us during their assembly on Tuesday; it is always lovely to see family members on these special occasions.

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Week Three

We've continued to be blessed with beautiful sunshine this week enabling the children to enjoy learning outside, making use of every part of the field during break times. It has been lovely watching such creative and imaginative play. You may also have noticed that our new chapel is well on its way to being completed and our children are currently creating designs for the stained glass windows, depicting the life of Christ; Wayne Swarbrick has done a wonderful job! This really is going to be such a lovely space in which we can quietly reflect, worship and share Mass together. We are also hoping to receive another visit from the Bishop early in January so that the space can be blessed. It has been suggested that we should get a licence to hold weddings there but we are not taking this idea too seriously at the moment! We are just so happy to have another dedicated space at school in which we can celebrate our love of God.  

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Week Two

It's amazing, yet again, at how quickly the children and staff have settled back into school life with such energy, enthusiasm and positivity! I must say it has been such a calm start to the term; the children are already well into their learning and have picked up where they left off; there is a definite buzz of excitement. Our new Year 6 children have arrived back with a real desire to work hard and make themselves proud. Alongside this they are already showing great leadership confidence and are quietly getting on with the day to day task of being inspirational role models; I think we are going to see some wonderful leaders develop over the year.

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