Our school places Christ at the centre of all thoughts, actions and words and we strive to serve, challenge, guide and inspire your child to grow in the image of Christ.

We know that this can only be achieved with your help and support, and therefore our vision is of a whole community working, learning and growing together.

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“The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world"

Turning to the Cross

As we approach the journey we make together through Holy Week we are all reminded of the journey Christ made. This is always such a special time in school when the children and staff contemplate the sacrifice Jesus made: "No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for his friends".

All classes are busy preparing for their assemblies which commence on Friday 23rd March at 9:15am with our Year 2 children sharing their depiction of Palm Sunday. Following this, on Monday 26th March, our Year 3 children will be celebrating The Last Supper and on Tuesday 27th March our Year 4 children will be sharing the turmoil of the Garden of Gethsemane. The week then continues with Year 5 depicting the despair of The Crucifixion on Wednesday 28th March and Year 6 will finally share God's promise for eternal life with us all on Thursday 29th March, our last day of term. You are all most welcome to join us.

Today was our last Mass in School for Lent and it was lovely to see so many of you there. I need to say a thank you to all the children who have shared the mass and give a special mention to our older children who have joined us every week, giving up their time to make a commitment to their developing faith; it really has been a joy to see and hopefully other year groups will follow their example next year.

As the parish moves towards Holy Week there are so many opportunities to join with the community. The newsletter can be found here.

Sacramental Programme

On Tuesday our children made their first Confession, receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation in preparation for their First Holy Communion in May. It was such a beautiful service and it was lovely to see so many of the children overcoming their initial nerves to almost skip back from the altar; touched by the forgiveness of Christ. It was also great to see some parents using their newly learnt sign language; thank you! Please remember the children in your prayers - this is such a special time for these children and their families.

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‘The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.’

What an exciting week of pure delight! Our Shakespeare cast joined eight other RSC associate schools to perform Macbeth at the Grand Theatre Blackpool on Tuesday and I have to say it was a professional feast of drama which moved the audience and allowed every child on stage to deliver such emotion through the beauty of language and movement. Just imagine being given the opportunity at such a young age to work alongside professionals from a world renowned theatre company, to stand on an iconic stage as the shades of light pour across the darkened place and music quietly builds; ‘such stuff as dreams are made of…’  Thank you children for bringing the beauty of Shakespeare’s language alive for all your classmates and parents who enjoyed every moment of your wonderful performance. Not forgetting Mrs Lyons and Mrs Hotchkiss who worked tirelessly with you to create such enticing scenes with such powerful creativity. Never let anyone refute the power of drama in the learning process!   

Whilst our actors trod those boards, other children stepped up and saved the day to play in netball and football teams. I have only praise for their risk taking and determination and two teams managed to secure a victory. I have to say a special mention to our two Year 4 and three Year 6 netballers who stepped in at the very last moment; thank you Mollie, Evie, Sofia, Alexa and Charlee-Grace.  

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The first fall of snow is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another. If this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?

What excitement we witnessed this week as on Tuesday children raced into school to enjoy every moment of manipulating the fluffy white snow into various shapes and sizes; there were even some snow angels! For some of our Reception and Nursery children the whole experience was new and seeing snow for the first time was so exciting. Miss Bassett created a whole day of learning around the event and watching the children throw and catch their handmade snowballs in the hall was magical. The fun continued throughout the day. As with everything there is always the opposite reaction and for our Year 5 and 6 football and netball teams, disappointment was the emotion of the day as both practice and fixtures were cancelled. It just goes to show you can’t please everybody all the time!

Turning to the Cross

This time of the year always makes us stand back and reflect on our own lives. It is a time of prayer and fasting as we try to be the people God wants us to be. In school we are supporting children as they go on their own journeys trying to find those moments of stillness which help us all to open ourselves to prayer and essentially God’s love. Our early morning masses have been so well attended and our Year 6 children have made a special effort as many of them have attended each week, playing an active role, reading and bringing the gifts to the altar.

Last Sunday was our first Mass in the Sacramental programme and it was wonderful to see so many families there with their children participating at this important time; thank you for joining us. This week the children have delved a little further into the forgiveness of God as they have looked at the story of Zacchaeus. The children are very responsive and have shared some very deep thoughts with the catechists. Once again the parents' session was well attended; thank you so much for giving up your valuable time. This completes the parents’ sessions as unfortunately Fr Peter is unable to share his walk through the mass next week due to a funeral. We will hopefully rearrange this following Easter.

To keep up to date with this busy time in the parish the newsletter can be found here

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God doesn't require you to succeed; He only requires that you try...

What a lovely week we've had with your children! It is always great to see just how easily the children slip back into school life following a holiday and already it feels like we've all 'picked up where we left off'. Every classroom I've entered this week has been buzzing with children working to acquire new skills and the enthusiasm I have met as they've explored topics and grappled with challenging questions is a true testament to the joy and power of learning.

Turning to the Cross

This is always such a special time for us all as we approach the beginning of Lent. Taking this journey together as a community always gives each of us the strength to be brave and reflect on our true mission. At the heart of all that we do is forgiveness and reconciliation. Together we try to make God our guide, living through love without judgement, as we constantly reflect on the changes we can make to develop our capacity to become true missionaries of God. For our First Communicants this is brought to life as they commence their Sacramental programme. In their small groups they have the opportunity to question, explore and reflect on their own beliefs; please keep all these children in your prayers this term. On Sunday we will be welcoming them all to the programme as we celebrate Mass together at 9:30am. It was also lovely to spend time with parents on Tuesday as they began their own sessions; thank you for being so responsive and open to discussion. I look forward to next week; don't forget your homework!

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Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement...

Throughout this half term it's been a real privilege to observe the children getting excited about their learning. Frequent visitors to the website say they've been intrigued and amazed by the weekly learning logs and galleries. Our Year One children have ventured into space, having fascinating discussions about those first footsteps on the moon whilst our Year 4 children have explored Anglo-Saxon times, walking in the shoes of past lives! If you want to find out more about a particular class, why not visit their website class area and don't forget the learning galleries which really do provide a little insight into the working day.

Spending time in the Create Room over the past two weeks has also been a real treat, sharing learning with Year 4 and 5 as they have explored their DT topics. It is wonderful to hear children problem-solving and reasoning as they make those necessary changes to their designs. Again why not visit the Art Gallery see what is happening across the school. 

Online Safety

On Tuesday everyone was delving into deep discussions as together we explored the importance of staying safe and being resilient on line. These are such important lessons as they enable children to explore their own perceptions and behaviour and how that impacts on themselves and others. Why not ask your child what they have discovered?

Sacramental Programme

Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us on Wednesday evening for our initial meeting. We are all looking forward to sharing this journey with your children. Following the half term break we will be commencing the programme as the children will be working in small groups with seven catechists. The first of three parent sessions will also begin on Tuesday 20th February between 4-4:45pm. 

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In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity...

With only one week left before half term every moment is being spent experiencing those new opportunities, consolidating those learned skills and pondering those important questions. Watching the children problem-solve whilst developing key learning characteristics has been a joy. We have many so children who are becoming more resilient by the day as they become more aware of themselves and the importance of self-belief when meeting a challenge.

Please don't think that the staff are immune from learning new things either as we have our termly reading and inspirational quotes from visionary people to capture our attention and cause us to stop and think as we go around school. Over the past three weeks staff have also been working together through lesson study to look more deeply into the learning process; truly fascinating! Lifelong learning in action - you can't beat it! Never do we forget that whilst what we are teaching is important, what your children teach us can be even more important - we are all of us, children and adults alike, a true learning community and we are all striving to develop more and grow.

It has also been wonderful to see so many of our Reception parents taking the opportunity to extend their own learning on Wednesday afternoons. Together with Miss Bassett they have explored initial sounds and how to blend sounds together. We hope you found these sessions useful, arming you with understanding with which to support your children at home. The final session which will explore ReadWriteInc will take place next place Wednesday at 3pm. Do try and join the session if you can, you are all so very welcome and what you are learning can be such a help in supporting your child.

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I don't want to be perfect, I only aim to be fearless and resilient and myself...

The very changeable weather this week has made coats a must during break times. Undeterred though, the children have continued to run around outside making every minute count! Lunchtime coaching sessions are providing children with the opportunity to be active and raise those heartbeats! Learning inside has continued to engage children and reading some of the wonderful writing produced by our Year 6 children this week has been a joy. Mrs Harrison has been very busy providing one to one feedback and in response the children have made those improvements which have elevated reader satisfaction. They are certainly beginning to grow in their independence and have come back following the Christmas break with a real focus.

We are slowly beginning to restock our library thanks to commission from our book fairs and the money raised at our Danceathon and we are also in the process of creating a science reading area where non-fiction books relating to learning within class can be accessed. This will help with those curious questions too!   

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