Our school places Christ at the centre of all thoughts, actions and words and we strive to serve, challenge, guide and inspire your child to grow in the image of Christ.

We know that this can only be achieved with your help and support, and therefore our vision is of a whole community working, learning and growing together.

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God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.

We have all heard the story of Our Lord’s birth so many times but to see each step through the eyes of a small child during our Foundation Nativity helped us to remember the importance of Christmas. It was indeed a precious gift of love to us all, helping the audience to see with fresh eyes the true message of Christmas. Each of our Nursery and Reception children played their part through dance, song and drama. I'd like to thank the whole Foundation team who worked together to nurture the children's understanding of this special time. They are truly a wonderful group of people. Next week we look forward to sharing time with our KS1 children as they will celebrate ‘Jesus, the light of the world’.  

Please look out on Monday for the order forms for DVD's for Foundation and for KS1 Nativities or click here. We shall send the slip home and meanwhile we've put it on the website and we will be asking for a quick turnaround - all orders in by Thursday morning at the latest. Ed Greenberg is filming the KS1 Nativity on Monday morning and he will be using all best endeavours to deliver the finished DVD's for KS1 and Foundation on Friday morning 22nd December so that everyone has the chance to watch with their families over Christmas.

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Each one of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus... 

As Christmas approaches and preparations continue there is a real sense of community within school. It is never easy at these times when children are learning songs, movements and acting roles in addition to all their curriculum work. It would be so easy to get caught up in performance and forget the faith journey along the way; the most important message: 'Such a big miracle in such a little baby'. Every year we try so hard to keep this message at the centre of all our Advent preparations and encourage the children to see the beauty of Christmas; to appreciate the real meaning of Christ's birth. Therefore, when children look outwards and recognise the needs of others this is a true reflection of their growth; not always an easy task for any of us. With Advent just around the corner, this week we have all been thinking about the promises we each would like to make. Hearing the deep reflections and discussions shared in classes has been so special; I'm sure the children will be sharing these with you at home. Mrs Curtis has put the finishing touches to our community tree made up of those many beautiful dots created on Curriculum Evening, which many of you have contributed to. This is now displayed in the worship area.

Our early morning Advent Masses commenced today at 8am; it was lovely to see so many families, children who came on their own, members of the parish and staff all gathered together to hear God's word. And afterwards, thanks to our lovely Jacqui who came in early, we all enjoyed tea and toast in the Hall. Such a treat on such a cold day! 

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Dancing is like dreaming with your feet...

It was a lovely start to the week on Tuesday as our Year One children treated us to such a beautiful assembly which didn’t fail to send everyone leaving the hall with a big smile on their face. They taught us all the important lesson of being curious and asking those important questions; Clara Clownfish saved the day by being inquisitive! Watching the children speak, sing and dance with such confidence was a joy; my, how they have all grown! Well done children.

This joy continued on Thursday when we all met in the playground to begin our annual Danceathon. We definitely have some fantastic movers right across the school, including our wonderful parents, many of whom joined in this early morning dance session; what a real family event this turned out to be; thank you all so much for your participation. Also thank you to our dance leaders; Mrs Harrison, Miss Woodend and Miss Bassett who led the way with their wonderful dance moves. Throughout the day we laughed, giggled and danced the day away; the children were absolutely delightful! We finished the event off with such a fun assembly as the whole school performed a Charleston dance which had been taught throughout the day; amazingly it looked incredibly professional! We all agree that dance is a wonderful means of making each one of us feel good and truly alive! What a wonderful day we all had!

Mrs Nel has been counting for us and as the school week ended, she had got to just over £1400 and there are many more forms to be returned. Please do send any outstanding forms and sponsor monies in on Monday; thank you.

Sports News

The theme of dance has continued as our Year 5 and 6 dancers have been busy training, putting the finishing touches to their dance routine to perform next Tuesday at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. We are all looking forward to sharing this with them.

Our Year 3 and 4 children have also continued to participate in their multi skill sessions with Mr Nay. They are all enjoying taking part and are developing their key skills at the same time. 

Parish News

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Have a lovely weekend relaxing with your families…

In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

They say that a true learning community can only flourish with a desire to grow and an openness to share and last night it was a complete joy to see so many families learning alongside the staff; problem-solving, exploring and reflecting on how one's mindset is central to the learning process. Brimming with enthusiasm and actively demonstrating resilience, the crowds filling the hall - children, family members, and staff all set to with gusto as tasks were attempted and finally solved! Sessions on maths, phonics and story telling were so very well attended. A big bad wolf was spotted in Reception class along with some very mysterious footprints!

They say that children reflect how successful the learning process is and, once again, they were our greatest learning ambassadors last night. I would like to thank all our wonderful children who helped in any way: the welcoming faces, the resilient guides, the Shakespeare councillors (that drama was outstanding ladies!), the maths teachers and not forgetting our numerous other children who guided their parents around the many learning opportunities.     

Thank you so much for taking time to join us, we were overwhelmed with the response! We hope you enjoyed discussing, participating and finding out more.

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Welcome Back...

Welcome back to the second half of our autumn term. We hope you've all had a lovely holiday with your children, who have ‘bounced’ into school ready to learn. Once again, Parents’ Day ran very smoothly and the teachers have asked me to thank you for all your support and encouragement. Days like this enable us to work together to provide all the children with every opportunity to shine.

On Tuesday we all continued to explore Online Safety together through this year’s focus of: ‘Create, connect and share respect; a better internet starts with you’. It was lovely to hear the children discussing such important issues which affect all our daily lives. Every time we focus on this area we recognise the importance of keeping everyone updated with the knowledge and understanding to keep us all safe online. It’s never easy to keep up to date as we travel through our busy lives but it is essential. We hope you found the Digital Parenting magazine which we sent out on Wednesday useful.

This is always such a busy term with so many learning opportunities and events so please do keep an eye on the diary and weekly news to ensure nothing is missed! Our Curriculum Evening, which really shouldn’t be missed, is a real chance for you to explore learning alongside the children. It will be your opportunity to come and experience school life with your children, find out how they learn and most importantly challenge yourself to ‘think differently’…  The evening is on Thursday 16th November between 6:30pm and 8pm and really will provide you with an opportunity to explore, discover and share in the hard work of your children. In the hall you will have the opportunity to test out your resilience with our KS2 staff, in the Y1 classroom you can explore how learning progressively develops from Reception into Y2 and in Nursery a chance to explore ‘what to expect and when’. There are also various learning sessions taking place, including Reception Story time, KS1 Phonics Time and KS2 Maths time. The sessions will last between 20-30 minutes and will provide the opportunity to explore learning.

Reception Story Time

KS1 Phonics Time

KS2 Maths Time















Why not begin to plan your time before you arrive…

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Happy Holidays...

And so we've reached half-term! Thank you so much for all your kind donations for our Harvest Festival. The charity Streetlife were very appreciative. As I've been looking forward to next half-term I thought a few reminders would be useful.                                         

Danceathon November 23rd This week you will have received your sponsorship form for our fundraising event of the autumn term. This is a day of dance when we all dance the day away, a day greatly enjoyed by everyone. This year we have a visiting dance teacher who will be teaching all classes the Charleston (yes we've all been watching Strictly on a Saturday evening!). We always begin the day with a dance session in the playground and last year we had a record number of parents joining in. Please put this date in your diary and join us at 8:20am to 'move to the music'. All sponsorship money will go to developing reading further with new books and spaces. Last year we managed to raise nearly £2,000!  Your support with this event is always greatly appreciated. 

Photographs - Tempest -Tuesday 7th November

Tempest will be with us from 8:30am and the early slot is for families with a sibling who is not in school. All brothers and sisters in school that day will automatically be photographed individually and together during the morning. 

Please email Mrs Hodges on if you have a child who is NOT in school (or nursery that morning) to book them in for a slot from 8:30 if you wish to have his/her photograph taken with siblings who are in school. 

Online Safety Day - November 7th

'Create, connect and respect. A better internet starts with you.'

This will be the focus for the national online safety day in February but it is something that we will be exploring over the year. We will be encouraging the the children to think about their personal reputation and whether this differs if they are online or not. We will be challenging the children to think about how they can become a digital citizen and be proactive in online safety. 


Y3 (Group 1) starting 16th November at 8am (for three weeks)

Y4 (Group 1) Starting 7th  November at 3:30-4:30 (for four weeks)

Both Mrs Lyons and Mr Wormleighton have sent a text out to those parents who have children in Group 1. The other children will get the opportunity to take part during either the spring or summer term.


Our club continues on November 9th at 8am. Mrs Harrison and Mr Nay have now chosen a team to represent the school at the indoor athletics on November 16th 2pm-5pm at Blackpool Sports Centre. Further information will be available following the half term.   


Just to remind you that dinner money for the next half term is £77. Thank you so much to the many parents who have kept ahead with their dinner money - it should always be paid in advance. We do try and remind that it is £2.20 a day (£11 per week) - not everyone has dinner every day so we ask you to work out your payment and put money onto ParentPay accordingly. 

Chasing payment does take more time than is easily managed for us so we really appreciate accounts being kept up to date. We shall be texting out details of dinner arrears later today and hope to start November with no overdue balances jumping out at us when we open up ParentPay!!! 


We have celebrated Plessington today as they have won the double! They have collected the most learning points this half term and in KS2 have been awarded star lunchtime table for their excellent manners, quiet conversations and tidy tables.

Have a lovely half-term and all class teachers look forward to sharing your child's learning journey tomorrow.


“It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all.” 

Next Wednesday we arrive at the end of our first half-term and what a lovely eight weeks it has been! The children have all grown into their new roles and each class has been immersed in learning and exploring new concepts. Some classes have managed to visit new places to enhance their curriculum and the children have truly benefited from these experiences; I think that the parents who accompanied classes have also enjoyed the trips! Currently our Year 5 children are in London and enjoying every moment; they were last seen visiting the House of Lords! I'm sure they will have exciting stories to tell on Monday.

On Tuesday our Year 4 children shared our school story of Kiki Chameleon; they thoroughly entertained everyone in the hall and creatively made us think about looking at our world with new eyes. Often we forgot about the miracle of creation and what a master of design Our Lord is. Everyone spoke with such confidence and told the story so well, incorporating the drama very subtly and skilfully. Thank you Year 4 for bringing a smile to all of our faces.  

Open Afternoons

Over the last two weeks some of our Year 6 children have stepped into their role as tour guides as they have shown prospective parents around school. It is always a joy to see the children answer questions and provide their own view of Our Lady’s with knowledge and confidence. As parents have left school the feedback has been extremely positive. Thank you children.

Sports News

What a very windy afternoon to finish off the first half of the season! Once again the children made us all proud with their sportsmanship; they really have represented Our Lady’s with grace over the last four weeks. In this, their final week, both football teams displayed great team work; all staff involved were so pleased with how the players have gelled together. Whilst both netball teams were defeated, all the girls have been on a journey this term and I am sure will have many learning points to take forward to the second half of the season. Well done everyone! If you’d like to read the match reports visit the sports area of the website.

Once again athletics club was held outside on Thursday morning due to the dry conditions. This enabled Mr Nay to complete his running trials started at the YMCA on Wednesday. Next week we should have a team chosen who can go on to represent the school after half term.

With just a few practices left before the dance festival, the final touches are being put into our routine and what a lovely, enthusiastic group of dancers we have! Information about the event will be sent out soon; it’s always an enjoyable and uplifting evening when dance is celebrated across Wyre and Fylde.  

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