Our school places Christ at the centre of all thoughts, actions and words and we strive to serve, challenge, guide and inspire your child to grow in the image of Christ.

We know that this can only be achieved with your help and support, and therefore our vision is of a whole community working, learning and growing together.

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God doesn't require you to succeed; He only requires that you try...

What a lovely week we've had with your children! It is always great to see just how easily the children slip back into school life following a holiday and already it feels like we've all 'picked up where we left off'. Every classroom I've entered this week has been buzzing with children working to acquire new skills and the enthusiasm I have met as they've explored topics and grappled with challenging questions is a true testament to the joy and power of learning.

Turning to the Cross

This is always such a special time for us all as we approach the beginning of Lent. Taking this journey together as a community always gives each of us the strength to be brave and reflect on our true mission. At the heart of all that we do is forgiveness and reconciliation. Together we try to make God our guide, living through love without judgement, as we constantly reflect on the changes we can make to develop our capacity to become true missionaries of God. For our First Communicants this is brought to life as they commence their Sacramental programme. In their small groups they have the opportunity to question, explore and reflect on their own beliefs; please keep all these children in your prayers this term. On Sunday we will be welcoming them all to the programme as we celebrate Mass together at 9:30am. It was also lovely to spend time with parents on Tuesday as they began their own sessions; thank you for being so responsive and open to discussion. I look forward to next week; don't forget your homework!

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Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement...

Throughout this half term it's been a real privilege to observe the children getting excited about their learning. I'm sure if you've been a frequent visitor to the website, you've also been intrigued and amazed by the weekly learning logs and galleries as classroom environments have been turned into communities, an Anglo-Saxon village, and that old London Town to name but a few. Midweek, Year 1, all in costume, were lost in learning about the Great Fire of London and events surrounding it. At the same time Year 2 were all ready to ‘take your money and make you walk the plank’ as they wore their pirate costumes with bravado and were clearly lost in the whole drama of the day.

Amongst all this our Year 6 children have been busy working together to support each other through the learning process. They truly are working incredibly hard, taking on challenges and learning from mistakes.

I could continue to reflect on the many achievements this term as all classes have continued to move forward with a real thirst for learning. Reading the wonderful writing this week has demonstrated to me just how inspired the children have been. If you want to find out more, why not visit other class areas and don't forget the learning galleries which really do provide a little insight into the learning day.

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New experiences engage our curiosity...

We said goodbye to the Life bus on Monday evening after each class had spent time actively learning inside. All the children seem to have loved this experience and have asked some excellent questions in their thirst to find out more. Both instructors were amazed with the knowledge and understanding displayed and praised the children's listening skills; always lovely for us to hear. Seven of our parents visited the bus on Friday and received what one described as a 'great overview' of what had been taught to the children during the day. Thank you so much for your help in making this experience possible; the total cost was almost £1,100 so each parental contribution was hugely valued - there are just a few outstanding ones and we would be immensely grateful if they could be paid through ParentPay.

Following the whole school experience of the Life Bus, on Tuesday evening some of our older children from Year 5 and Year 6 seized the opportunity to engage in a drama session organised by the Grand. The participants threw themselves into the session and all seemed to come away having enjoyed the experience!

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What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

It's hard to believe that we've already been back at school for nearly four weeks; where does the time go? This week has continued to present such varied opportunities for us all to take our learning to new places. The Reception children are all still exploring all things numerical, building their number houses with great enjoyment whilst our Year One children are brimming with information about London, including past times! Year Three is immersed in the history of the various invaders and settlers and the children's enthusiasm is tangible. Science has also been to the fore as children have been learning all about bones and teeth and they were all so eager to explain the newly erected display outside the Think Room. As for Year 5, staff had to move very carefully down corridors so as not to disturb some very focused work - measuring tracks had been laid and small foam rockets were being fired and so many interesting discussions were taking place - it was fantastic to hear so many questions being asked and answered!

Then, there has been the wonderful Life Bus today, which many of our classes have visited. Harold the giraffe has been a hit with many of our younger children. It has been lovely watching each child emerge from the bus with a great enthusiasm and a smile. Karen, the life bus teacher, has been so impressed with the many questions asked; I think she too is leaving with a smile tonight.

Please don't think that the staff are immune from learning new things either as we have our termly reading and inspirational quotes from visionary people to capture our attention and cause us to stop and think as we go around school.  Over the past three weeks staff have also been working together through lesson study to look more deeply into the learning process; truly fascinating! Lifelong learning in action - you can't beat it! Never do we forget that whilst what we are teaching is important, what your children teach us is just as important.

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The best learning takes us to challenging places...

The very changeable weather this week has made coats a must during break times. Undeterred though, the children have continued to run around outside making every minute count! Learning inside has continued to engage children and reading some of the wonderful writing produced has been a joy. Science is always an area of the curriculum which evokes great curiosity and since returning to school, Year 5 have been fully immersed in their investigations; I have definitely seen many scientists exploring concepts, recording findings and arriving at knowledgeable conclusions. Not to mention the pure excitement when solutions are found! Year 4 returned positively fizzing from their UCLAN chemistry trip, all clutching bags of lip balms and bath bombs which they had made whilst exploring the effect of mixing chemicals for cosmetic purposes. Seeing children understand and realise that science is all around them rather than just in dusty and remote laboratories and is part of their environment and relevant to their everyday lives is a joy, and who knows how many young scientists we may be nurturing!

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The wisest mind has something yet to learn...

It is hard to believe that we have already completed nearly two weeks of the spring term! The children have arrived back after Christmas fired up and ready to face the new challenges of the spring curriculum. As I walk through school, I continue to be amazed as I see so much learning going on all around and the thirst for discovering new things which so many children display! Our Reception children are now so well established as part of the school community and are just flowing with brilliant vocabulary and so much confidence. They are grasping new challenges and developing their independence which is fantastic to see!  At the other end of the school our Year 6 children have come back ready for any challenge. On Monday I was lucky enough to work alongside them as we approached the tricky task of multiplying fractions; no one gave up and by the end of the morning our perseverance brought that sweet feeling of success! We definitely have a class full of Sadie Spiders.  

If you are a Year 6 parent, why not come along to our Y6 Maths evening on Wednesday 18th January at 6pm – this will give you a real opportunity to explore and have a go at some of our school strategies.

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Welcome back...

A Happy New Year to you all!

It has been lovely returning to school following the Christmas break and hearing the many stories which the children have shared; Father Christmas clearly had a very busy time in St Anne's!

We started the week together reflecting on the miracle of Jesus’ birth and thought about how each one of us could bring God's word to life through kindness and by finding time and space to welcome Him into our daily lives; a challenge for us all! Today we joined the rest of the parish in church to celebrate mass together. Thank you to everyone who accompanied us, we truly do value these times we spend praying together as one large community. 

Admissions to Reception Class September 2017

The deadline for applications is 15th January 2017 - please do ensure you have completed the Lancashire County Council form online and sent in the relevant faith form to the office if appropriate - it is essential all application forms are on time.

Parish News

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We look forward to another happy term filled with great endeavours and hard work. Please do keep an eye on the date section as many of the new dates have now been added; it really would be a shame to miss anything. Mrs Gregan has also updated the sports area with a new timetable. Our early morning Table Tennis clubs commence next week. 

I hope you are all getting used to being back to early morning starts and routines. Try and have a rest and enjoy a lovely and relaxing weekend with the family.