Our school places Christ at the centre of all thoughts, actions and words and we strive to serve, challenge, guide and inspire your child to grow in the image of Christ.

We know that this can only be achieved with your help and support, and therefore our vision is of a whole community working, learning and growing together.

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Week Four

Each new day at school brings a variety of learning opportunities which provide fresh and exciting challenges. Watching the children exploring and discovering their world is so precious and there is no greater joy than to see a child suddenly grasp a skill or concept and begin to apply knowledge and understanding to problem solve. Then there are those magic moments when you stand back with pride to see independent, self-assured, confident children achieve great things; I enjoyed such a moment on Tuesday! Watching our dancers light up the stage as they performed at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool was a true delight. After weeks of rehearsals under the expert guidance of Mrs Harrison and Mrs Moore, they really did steal the show as they danced with great joy, excellent timing and quality movement which thrilled the audience. There were so many of our parents watching and I know you were all amazed at the professionalism of our dancers. Thank you children for making us all feel so proud!

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Week Three

We were all treated to such a wonderful interpretation of our mission statement this week as our Year One children reminded us all that we are each valued and loved for who we are. Through song and drama they made us all think about the importance of our friendships and how we can all flourish when we work together. Thank you children for such a beautiful assembly!

Advent is coming

Where does the time go? It's hard to believe that we're fast approaching December and already making preparations for our journey through the special season of Advent. At this time in school, we reflect on how we can make changes within ourselves as we get ready for the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. We also try and find ways to do those little things which make a difference to others needing support and a helping hand. The children always spend time reflecting on how their actions, including kindness and alms giving, can have an impact.

Once again, through discussion with staff and children, we've decided that as a school, instead of sending Christmas cards, we'd like to raise money, to help make a difference to the lives of others. This year we are continuing to support St Peter's School, Uganda, where they are still trying to develop their primitive kitchen and toilet facilities. Staff there are desperate to have better facilities for the sake of the children's dignity as well as for health reasons. Last year, through your great generosity, we managed to help them on their way to nearly completing their new toilet facilities. We're hoping throughout this year to raise enough money to help them finish this and work towards getting a kitchen. Our children here can visualise the difference that better toilets and a kitchen can make and we are asking them to bring in just one card for the whole class, rather than individual cards and each class will then be collecting money within the class for our charity. The staff will do the same and hopefully we will manage to make a difference. In addition, proceeds from our Christmas Raffle will go towards this very worthy cause. We so want to work with you as a community in this mission and are encouraging the children to think and talk about the true message of this special season.

Our early morning Advent Masses will commence next week, on Friday 27th November at 8am. This first mass will be offered for Mrs Summersall's mum, Patricia Brown, who sadly passed away in August. We hope many of you will be able to join us as we all share our journey through Advent as a community.   

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Week Two

They say that a true learning community can only flourish with a desire to grow and an openness to share and last night it was a complete joy to see so many families learning alongside the staff; problem-solving, exploring and reflecting on how one's mindset is central to the learning process. Many of you managed to have a go at our mindset quiz and I know some of you found your results very interesting! For anyone who didn't manage to reach the learning room or for anyone who would like to revisit the ideas shared, the PowerPoint in PDF format can be revisited here.

They also say that children reflect how successful the learning process is and, once again, they were our greatest learning ambassadors last night. I would like to thank all our wonderful children who helped in any way: the beautiful singing from our choir and the tuneful compositions from our brass music groups, to the strong pupil voice of our Councils, to the whole of Year 6, who brought their roles of responsibilities to life, not forgetting our numerous other children who guided their parents around the many learning opportunities.     

Thank you so much for braving the weather to join us, we were overwhelmed with the response! We hope you enjoyed discussing, participating and finding out more. If you are interested in joining one of our school experiences, which will be taking place next half term, please let Mrs Hodges know via the office. These sessions will be taking place over 5 weeks; each one involves a session with a teacher followed by a visit to a classroom to see the skills in action. Available experiences can be found here.

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the second half of our autumn term. We hope you have all had a lovely holiday with your children, who have all ‘bounced’ into school ready to learn. Once again, Parents’ Day ran very smoothly and the teachers have asked me to thank you for all your support and encouragement. Days like this enable us to work together to provide all the children with every opportunity to shine.

This is always such a busy term with so many learning opportunities and events so please do keep an eye on the diary and weekly news to ensure nothing is missed! On Tuesday, next week, our Year 4 children will be sharing their assembly; see if you can spot those learning qualities! Following this, on Thursday we have our e-safety day when we will all be exploring how we can remain safe on-line. This will lead, later that day, into our Curriculum Evening, which really shouldn’t be missed! It will be your opportunity to come and experience school life; find out how your children learn and most importantly challenge yourself to ‘think differently’…  The evening begins at 6:30pm and really will provide you with an opportunity to explore, discover and share in the hard work of your children. We look forward to spending this time learning with you. To complete the week, on Friday, once again we will be raising money for ‘Children in Need’. We are asking everyone to come into school dressed in pyjamas, accompanied by their teddy and with a donation of £1, which will go straight to a very worthy cause.

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Poetry Day Tomorrow

We will be holding an exciting poetry day on Thursday 5th November, where we will be exploring, performing and writing our own poems throughout the day! We also have a real-life poet coming to visit and work with each class throughout the day- Andy Tooze. He has visited us before and we are extremely excited about welcoming him back, as every child was so inspired from his sessions last year!

Andy will be in the school hall at 3:30pm for anyone that would like to purchase any of his books. The 3 books currently available at £3 each are:

Blue -  Don’t Diss Dancing Dads
Red -  Maths,Martians and Minibeasts 
Yellow -  One,Two,Flea
If you would like to visit his website then follow the link below:

Half-term already! 

Next Tuesday we arrive at the end of our first half-term and what a lovely seven weeks it has been. The children have certainly grown into their new roles and each classroom has been immersed in learning. Many classes have managed to visit new places to enhance their curriculum and the children have truly benefited from these experiences and I think the parents who have accompanied them have also enjoyed the trips!

On Tuesday our Year 5 children really made us all think about the choices we make and challenged us to consider how our actions impact on the beautiful world God has given us. Their visual representation of different actions and feelings was deeply moving and definitely remained with me for the rest of this week. I now need to consider how I will be 'the change I want to see in world today'. Thank you Year 5 for challenging us; reflection is always good for the soul...

As always, we appreciate families joining us on these prayerful occasions and once again we had so many of you sharing this moment. I appreciate that time can be very rushed and many of you are carrying on to your place of work, however please could I ask that drinks are not brought into the hall as we have a robust Health & Safety policy which the staff adhere to, prohibiting hot drinks in all places other than the staff room, office and staff work room. Only during lunch or specific meetings, can drinks, hot or cold be consumed in the hall and the children are very respectful of this - it was one of the class councillors who first flagged this up! 

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Week Six

My, time passes by so quickly! How on earth have we nearly reached the end of our first half term? Watching our Year Two children during their assembly on Tuesday reminded me just how much they have grown; they spoke and acted with such confidence, reminding us all the importance of following in the footsteps of Jesus, our teacher. I have to say those lions were quite scary and the poor king, he really did have to think about the decision he made. Thank you Year Two for delivering such an important message in such an entertaining way! Again it was lovely to see so many family members sharing in these worship times. 

As you know prayer and reflection are central to school and as the children plan and share their worships they bring their understanding of Christ to life, which enables them to continue to develop their relationship with Him. Our school chapel continues to be a lovely space in which we can all find that quiet time for reflection. During Advent we plan to share the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with yourselves and the children, on three Fridays, following the early morning masses. This would be an opportunity for you to experience this space with us. 

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