Our school places Christ at the centre of all thoughts, actions and words and we strive to serve, challenge, guide and inspire your child to grow in the image of Christ.

We know that this can only be achieved with your help and support, and therefore our vision is of a whole community working, learning and growing together.

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We're Going Home Hip Hip Hooray! 

...And so the end of term has arrived and what an emotional end this has been! I'm sure if you managed to share our journey into Neverland this week you will have been moved to tears, we all certainly were! Every year I think the children can't surprise me and every year I am always surprised and overwhelmed! The talent and gifts of every single child shone so brightly as they performed; the comic timing and characterisations were truly a joy to behold and had the audience laughing, crying and interacting with the echoing of boos and hisses around the hall! With each performance the children held their audiences for two hours, which I may say passed by with such speed. Even our little nursery children were held spellbound but they too were entranced by the story and have been acting out scenes ever since! Children I am so proud of each and every one of you; you were all truly amazing!

Following this we turned our thoughts to our wonderful Year 6 who have led the school with great compassion, love and laughter! They really have been great ambassadors of Our Lady's and have served us all with a smile. It is always sad to see such a lovely group of children leave us but they are ready to stretch their wings and fly and I know together 'we've had some great adventures and you know we wouldn't have missed them for the world!' 

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Nearly There!

Oh my goodness how time flies! I can't believe we are heading into our final four days; where has the year gone? As always at this time it is lovely reading every child's end of year report to see just how much progress they have all made. I have been so impressed this year with many of our children who have worked hard, enthusiastically embraced each learning opportunity, and taken themselves on a journey of self discovery. There is so much to celebrate in every year group and I'm sure like us you are very proud of your children.

Once again our Year 6 children as a whole group have far exceeded the school targets set for them, with the majority of children making the expected two levels or in some cases 3 levels progress across Key Stage Two. We are incredibly proud of them all and watching them enthusiastically supporting our community as they complete their summer work experience around school demonstrates just how far they have travelled. We will be celebrating their time at school next Wednesday at 9:45am at Our Lady's Church; everyone is most welcome to join us. We have families who are leaving us too and Miss Edmondson and it would be a joy to have as many of you as possible join us for the final Mass of the school year.

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Week Five

As we fast approach our final days of this academic year, this week has been packed with learning! The hall continues to be filled with fun and laughter as those pesky pirates are still trying to capture Peter Pan whilst Wendy, John and Michael are having the time of their lives in Neverland. The question is, will they remain there or will the pull of home be too much? If you're intrigued, why not join us during the final week to see just what talented storytellers we have at school.

Peter Pan Tickets went on sale for our Year 5 and 6 parents today before school for £3 (allocation up to 4 per family) and will then continue to be sold to just both classes on Monday. After that, we will sell throughout the school. We always find that tickets sell very quickly and due to fire regulations we are unable to exceed sales so please don't miss securing your ticket for what promises to be a truly magnificent show!

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Sporting Success!

My goodness what a week this has been! There has been such excitement following our athletics team's performance on Monday evening at AKS; we came a wonderful second at the annual athletics event! This was a great achievement considering we were competing against some much larger schools; so many of our children secured first place and received a medal for their efforts. I have to say I watched with pride over the course of the tournament as I saw our children support, cheer and comfort each other as they competed in their individual events. At no point was anyone made to feel devalued and instead any disappointment was soon melted by the warmth of encouraging words of 'well done, that was a fast time!'. We really were a team in the full sense of the word! Definitely much more than the sum of our parts because we competed with pride and commitment to ourselves and each other. Thank you to the many parents and grandparents who stayed to support and encourage each child to do their best.

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Week Three

Throughout the week the school has been filled with beautiful singing, foot-tapping music and shouts of 'Poor old Peter Pan'! Yes you've guessed, our Year 6 children, shortly to be joined by our Year 5 children, have been busily practising for what promises to be a truly entertaining performance of that old favourite 'Peter Pan'. I believe there's even a ship's parrot who 'fills the pirates lives with joy' and goodness knows where Captain Hook will end up! Tickets will go on sale in a few weeks time so keep an eye out for times and dates.

At the same time all our Year 6 children have been deployed around school and have settled into their new roles; Mrs Hodges and I have finally the delight of having a PA working alongside us in the office! All staff have reported that the children are making a difference and are providing 'Service with a smile'.

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Week Two

My goodness what a fun week we've had! It all started on Monday morning when together we braved the rain and shared the wonderful Bog-eyed jog and what a jog it was! The community spirit was alive and well as we cheered the children on as they tried to set new records, some parents and staff even took to completing a lap or two themselves! Despite the lure of breakfast some children were determined to complete those 60 laps and complete them they did! Thanks to the kind donations from Marks and Spencer's and the willing hands of numerous volunteers a delicious breakfast which was much needed was served. Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make this event such a success and a special thank you to our determined children who ran their hearts out! We've raised such a huge amount of money and have just reached over £3,000 and still counting! Money which will help in our mission to keep bringing the children's ideas and vision to life in the playground.

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Welcome Back!

We've all returned to a very busy week full of exciting opportunities to explore our 'Health and Happiness'. To mark the beginning of our themed fortnight, the winning banners have been placed alongside the perimeter of the school; I'm sure you'll agree they look fantastic and do convey very clear messages! Our children have really taken the slogans displayed to heart and our pro-active Eco Council (working alongside Mr Ormerod and Miss Mahoney) are out and about in the mornings and in the evenings trying to encourage everyone to embrace safe practice. Thank you to all those lovely parents and grandparents who have listened to the children and responded positively to their gentle encouragement; it really isn't easy for children to challenge adults they don't know. Even the coach driver who collects the children for swimming was reminded about parking suitability; something we now need to problem-solve on a Tuesday morning! We can only change practice by working together, listening and letting our children show us the way. Please, please think before you park; a minute saved by parking irresponsibly could be a minute too late to save a child's life!  

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