Our school places Christ at the centre of all thoughts, actions and words and we strive to serve, challenge, guide and inspire your child to grow in the image of Christ.

We know that this can only be achieved with your help and support, and therefore our vision is of a whole community working, learning and growing together.

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Happy Holidays...

Today as we end this half term, I would like to thank you for your continued support in helping to make Our Lady Star of the Sea a special place in which children can learn.

There seems no greater example of this than on Sunday as our children made their First Holy Communion during the 9.30am Mass. It was a truly joyful celebration, very emotional for many and I’m sure that you, like us, were proud of the children who were a credit to everyone involved. I would like to thank all parents for their support throughout the programme. I would also like to thank the many helpers who set up the Parish Centre and served drinks etc. Thank you too to those thirteen Year 4 families who baked so many beautiful cakes. Help and support on these occasions is invaluable and it's heartwarming to have you there ‘passing it on' to the next group of parents and children. It was also wonderful to see some of our older children helping out, serving families and cleaning up.  I’m sure each of you will have your own special memories of the day.

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Week Seven already!

On Thursday our First Communicants completed their final practice and are now ready to receive the Eucharist for the first time; we are all looking forward immensely to Sunday and the joy of sharing this special day with our candidates and their families. It is a wonderful celebration and we are so appreciative of everyone who has helped the children on their way and in preparation for this day.

Thanks go to those who have worked so hard over many weeks with the children on their spiritual preparation. Also thanks to those who will be at the Parish Centre, bright and early with cakes and tables to set up for refreshments after the Mass - it is always lovely to have families from the preceding year's Y3 communicants giving something back; thank you so much in advance for all your kind help.

Let's hope that the sun will shine and everyone will have a truly memorable and uplifting day, filled with joy at coming together as a family, a school and parish family and most of all, God's family.

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Week Six

This week our Year 6 children have been sitting their end of Key Stage assessment tests which they have all taken calmly in their stride. I've been inspired by their focus, concentration and hard work, all of which enabled them to approach each test with quiet confidence. The children have worked as a team, well done Year 6, you've all given of your best and we can ask for nothing more!

Now the hard work really starts as we ask our oldest children to give something back. As soon as the tests were finished the children were presented with an in-class job-shop and they began applying for their preferred jobs which will enable them to take on an extra responsibility around school. Also they are preparing to work alongside Year 5 in order to stage an end of year performance of ’Joseph’. It is always a joy to see the children blossom at this point in the year as they use all the skills they have developed to extend their own learning and to consider the possibilities! Next week, we will have auditions, interviews and the opportunity to learn about Buddhism; a very busy few days, full of varied experiences.

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Week Five

The shorter week has caused confusion over the last four days as Tuesday became Monday and Wednesday became Tuesday and suddenly we have arrived at Friday again! We've packed so much into the four days I think everyone is exhausted! Our Year 6 children have been particularly focused and we really couldn't ask them to work any harder than they have...each one of them has striven to do their very best. They're all ready to shine next week and, with a helping of early nights, I'm sure they'll all bounce into school each morning!

Have a go, you can do it…

This was the clear message our Reception children gave us on Thursday morning as they told us the story of Tina Tortoise who didn’t want to have a go as she was scared she would make a mistake. However, with the help of her good friends she realised that she'd never achieve anything if she didn’t at least try and that making mistakes is a crucial part of learning; an important message for us all! The children performed with real feeling and expression and spoke out with great confidence; every word could be heard. Well done children, my, how you have developed this year, your growth mindsets are helping you to take those learning leaps!

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Week Four

Only in rare moments can one can sit back and appreciate the power of hard work, enthusiasm and pure commitment, leading to the achievement of a seemingly impossible dream. This happens to be one of those moments! Over the past two years, a group of girls have attended netball club where they've practised and practised, made mistakes and learned from them and developed a determination to keep going, even when it seemed like victory was unattainable. In reaching for the moon, they've found the stars and, for the first time in the school’s history, they've successfully achieved the double! We are now proud owners of both the Netball League and Tournament trophies, which will grace our cabinet over the next year. Well done girls, we're all so proud of you; not only are you great ambassadors for the school but also a great example of perseverance and resilience.

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Week Three

My goodness time is simply flying by! We've had a lovely few weeks back at school with so many exciting learning opportunities and watching the children strive to reach their targets has been inspiring. Our Year 6 children are challenging themselves with great confidence and determination as they prepare for their assessments in two weeks time; we are all so proud of them. They are working so hard and the focus is incredible; it's a joy to see them working industriously in class and then going outside and being playful and having fun! Our Year 2 children have also been completing some little assessment tasks which they have taken in their stride. These are helping Miss Brisco to plan targeted learning for the remainder of the year. Amidst all this, our Year 5 children have been exploring Shakespeare with those three witches concocting a great spell: ‘Eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog'...spooky! They created such an atmosphere in the hall, dramatically exploring the scene whilst the rest of us tiptoed past in trepidation, so scary were those witches!

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Week Two

The new area of school  is now fully functional and we are all enjoying the open feel to every space; our create, read, think, and discuss rooms each offer a different experience; it really has had such a positive impact on learning. It's hard to describe how light, bright and welcoming the whole area feels now. In conversation with a group of children, they joyfully exclaimed: 'It’s like a real school now Miss Hornby!' We are absolutely delighted with the finished work and with the extra learning opportunities it affords to our children and hope that you will all have the opportunity to see it when you visit us.

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