The Hippocrump

Thursday 26th September

Thursday 26th September 2019

The Hippocrump. We listened to the descriptive tale of the monster called The Hippocrump. We then drew what we thought it looked like, showing all the descriptive lines we could.

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Exploring Shading

Thursday 19th September

Thursday 19th September 2019

Exploring shading, We learned all about shades from light to dark and how these are achieved. We also learned about Hatching and different styles of shading. After a little experiment we filled a pre printed sheet with our findings.

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starry night.jpg

Vincent Van Gogh

Thursday 12th September

Thursday 12th September 1019

Year three started their new topic ‘Drawing’ today. We studied the artist Vincent Van Gogh, looking at the painting ‘Starry Night’. We looked at the detailed line work used to give movement to his work, the lines that show wind blowing, the lines around stars showing light glowing. We had a go with such success, everyone was so focused and enjoyed creating these detailed drawings. A fantastic start to our new topic.